Persuasive Essay On Vote

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The question of, “when should someone be able to buy cigarettes, drink alcohol, vote, and be in the line of war”, is a question that’s been floating around for years now. Even though it’s a touchy and somewhat sensitive subject, I would like to share my opinion on the laws. Today I’m going to talk about the age a person should be when buying cigarettes. When should someone be able to drive? When should people be able to vote? How about drinking alcohol? These are the topics I’m going to be speaking about today. My honest opinion on the age for purchasing cigarettes would be the age of sixteen. I have seen a lot of teenagers growing up that smoke. Now that I am a teen, I can understand why they smoke at such a young age. My mother always told me that the reason she smoked was to relieve stress. Maybe that’s the teen’s way of relieving stress as well. I know too many teens who smoke illegally. If the age was lowered, I feel like there would be a lot less trouble and the teenagers wouldn’t be sneaking around as much. Although cigarettes cause sicknesses like lung cancer and other sicknesses, why …show more content…
The question is, what age should someone be able to vote? In all reality, I truly believe any age of person with the knowledge should be able to vote. I’m not saying a four year old should be able to vote, I’m saying that there are more intelligent children than people realize. An eleven year old could be more wise than a forty year old. Voting is an important civic opportunity. Why can’t those who want to experience it, experience it? There is also a rule to voting that only American citizens can vote. I feel like anyone living in the country should be able to vote! If someone comes from Mexico for a better life, why shouldn’t they be able to vote for who is running their country? I feel that’s very unfair if someone moved here for a better life, and had to live under the ruling of someone they don’t think they should be ruled

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