Drinking Age To 18 Research Paper

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Eighteen is considered adulthood, yet, at this age one is still not treated as such. When one turns eighteen, they become a legal adult, and receive their rights, except the right to consume alcohol legally. The drinking age in the United States is currently set at twenty-one. But, some people believe that twenty-one is too high for the minimum age and, think it should be lower. There are others who feel that twenty-one is a decent, mature age, and lowering it would encourage young to take part in alcohol consumption. At eighteen one can vote, join the service, get married, buy tobacco, work in a bar, and do many other things. The drinking age should be lowered back to eighteen because: if eighteen year olds are capable of voting and fighting for their country, they should be able to have a drink, also, lowering the age would help with less college students …show more content…
When one is voting, they are trusted to make a mature decision. Eighteen is mature enough to decide who should run the country, but not mature enough to buy and consume alcohol legally. One is trusted to vote, but one is not trusted to have a drink. Chris Busby once stated in his monthly magazine, “If 18-year-olds are considered mature enough to fight in wars, they’re mature enough to drink in bars. To this I would add that if 18-year-olds can vote for the politicians who start wars, they’re old enough to choose the wrong brand of beer, too.” Yes, alcohol may not be healthy, but it is still one’s decision to consume it. At eighteen, one is considered an adult, but, can not do all the things adults are able to do. It is thought that lowering the drinking age would cause more drunk driving accidents, but, there could be other laws that could be enforced to help with this. In Dr. Ruth Engs research she stated: “The decrease in drinking and driving problems are the result of many factors and not just the rise in purchase age or decreased per capita

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