Ethics Of Affirmative Action Ethics

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In Santa Clara County, California the transportation agency implemented an affirmative-action plan to tackle the historical patterns of discrimination against women and minorities. By implementing affirmative action, this allowed the agency to take into consideration gender when making promotions to positions. In the past, the transportation agency’s pattern traditionally segregated job classification in which women had been significantly underrepresented. The division of road-maintenance workers had a considerable underrepresentation of female workers. One out of 110 employees in the division was female. Diane Joyce application for the position of road dispatcher was classified as a road maintenance worker. The agency promoted …show more content…
Like, and one is that the ethics are so clear. Ethics are not just about individual rights and responsibilities but how a company enforces these rights. If a company believes that employee center ethics is going to defend favoritism, no matter how noble the goal, it is impractical if people are the decision makers. An ethics based on fundamental, especially the requirement for fairness, requires that all men and women regardless of race get an even shot in the workplace. On the other side, society’s overall welfare must be the highest goal of the ethical action, to deny that a certain form of affirmative action balancing, in some organizations at some times, does serve the general welfare and therefore is ethically required. Furthermore, ethics begins with individuals and their rights to hold certain jobs and to block these opportunities because they do not fit into a specific race or gender category becomes automatically objectionable.
Potential Alternative that Can be Used Outside the Court System to Resolve this
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Leslie 's Poolmart has gotten away with being gender bias in their promoting and hiring practices within their organization. With 880 stores the organization only has four females in middle management positions leaving 50 new job posts filled by men. One female employee was passed over on 14 accounts giving the position to men. Even those this female employee had various degrees surpassing 12 of the male candidates who only had high school diplomas and held the job position with another company for over eight years while none the male candidates ever held such a position in the past. This female then filed a case with the EEOC against the company; the company wanted to settle the case for $1,000, the female rejected the offer and proceeded with the case. Unfortunately, the EEOC after two years ruled for Leslie 's Poolmart. To minimize any reoccurrence such as the case Johnson v. The Transportation Agency, a company, must have some form of morals and regard to gender relations because not always does affirmative action work or the EEOC complete their due diligence. Yes, there is always the ability for this worker to file a tort case against the company but unfortunately having a large sum of many to retain an attorney is an option. This situation is not isolated only 25% of case brought to the EEOC that are not

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