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  • Origin Of Beer

    himself and became a human being.” Thus, Enkidu, the wild-man, evolved from primitive man to “cultured man” after tasting beer. History of Alcoholism in Arab “The oldest alcoholic drinks were fermented beverages of relatively low alcohol content, that is, the beers and wines. When the Arabs introduced the then recent science of distilling into Europe in the Middle Ages, the alchemists believed that alcohol was the long-sought elixir of life. Alcohol was therefore held to be a remedy for practically all diseases, as indicated by the term whisky (Gaelic: ‘water of life’)”. The concept of an elixir or life-giving potion originated from the writings of Jabir ibn Hayyan (8th century AD) and al-Rahzi (9th century AD) and known to the West as Geber and Rhazes respectively. They were the most important scientists in the history of chemistry and chemical technology in Islam. Their works exerted a dominating influence on later generations of Muslims and Europeans. The most important of the great chemical discoveries in the Middle Ages were alcohol and mineral acids, and the key to finding them was through the process of distillation, which the Arabs developed and mastered. Distillation was one of the most important processes in Islamic chemical technology and was employed for both medicinal preparations and a variety of other technological and industrial uses, including the preparation of acids and the distillation of perfumes, rosewater and essential oils. Several great Muslim…

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  • Beetle Selection Report

    1970. Life: historical consequences of natural selection. Amer Nat. 105(935):1-24. Geber M, Griffen L. 2003. Inheritance and natural selection on functional traits. Int J Plant Sci. 164(3):21-42. Habel JC, Ulrich W, Asssmann T. 2013. Allele elimination recalculated: nested subset analyses for molecular biogeographical data. Journal of Biogeography. 40(4):769-777. Harrison RG. 1991. Molecular Changes at Speciation. Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics. 22:281-308. Holt RD. 1977. Predation,…

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