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  • Johnny Got His Gun Theme

    What War Does The book Johnny Got His Gun by Dalton Trumbo is about the effect of war on a single man named Joe. He has gotten his face blown apart, which also causes him to go blind, deaf, dumb, lose his ability to smell and all of his limbs to be cut off. As Joe goes through his past, he feels himself becoming more and more insane, he feels like he is trapped inside his own mind and does not know how to get out. War can do this to people and even though sometimes it is necessary, it is difficult to imagine. Joe goes through hell throughout the novel, he suffers from physical, emotional and the pain of going insane. Joe goes through physical changes that are so drastic that it is both sickening and hard to fully comprehend. Over the course of the novel, Joe wakes up in a hospital bed not fully understanding why he is there but slowing registering the wounds he now had. One of the first injury he notices was the fact that he no longer has any arms. Months pass and Joe then tries to kick the pillow from underneath his feet now realizing that he does not have any feet either, this injury devastates him making him feel powerless and useless. “No legs. No more running walking crawling if you have no legs. No more working. No legs you see. Never again to wiggle your toes. What the hell of a thing what a wonderful beautiful thing to wiggle your toes” (Trumbo 60). Besides being a very experienced amputee Joe also apprehends that he is blind, deaf, and loses his ability to smell…

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  • Eternal Punishment In The Bible

    Hades is normally found in the New Testament with the most descriptive images of what hell is like. An example is the like the guy in Luke 16:24 with the torment of punishment. In the burning, separation, thirst, and the stench of hell will be expanded below to give a character of the eternal punishment, which is real, by the Scriptures. Jealousy was instantaneous by looking at Luke 16:26. Gehenna was a place that human sacrifice took place in the reign of Ahaz as in 2 Chronicles 28:1-4.…

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  • The Role Of Hell In Literature

    Throughout history, different cultures have described the loss of paradise in their own ways. The Hebrews called this “Gehenna,” the ancient Egyptians called it “Duat,” and the Mayans called it “Xibalba,” but the common theme throughout these and all adaptations of Hell is the eternal separation from good and, as a result, an abundance of suffering and evil. It is impossible to accurately describe Hell. It can only be described by humans in personal glimpses of evil in the world, and most of the…

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  • Jacob And Esau: Hope Of The Godly Person

    between Jacob and Esau. Just as certain animals cannot understand the nature of man, those born of the devil cannot understand love or mercy or repentance. Even when they try to understand the secrets of God they fail in doing so because they lack the master key of all God 's secrets: Love. This is why although we struggle with sin (and at times we must reap what is sown in it) our destiny is not everlasting fire but to be taught by God in his love and receive the true glory in all of its…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Dialogcial Interview

    the created unity throughout all of his creatures. Man and women both have purpose. Man provides income for the family and the women takes care of the home and child bearing and rearing. G-d planned out each creature of the universe through evolution. 2. There have been many opinions about this throughout the history of Jewish religion. For me it is that I feel that G-d worked in conjunction with natural forces to create the world we live in. 3. Our body comes from a physical hule and our soul…

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  • Scripture's Argument For The Existence Of Hell

    retribution for the lost as well as a physical place for the evil dead. There are many Scriptural examples concerning Hell, a place of eternal punishment (Matthew 25:46), eternal fire (Matthew 18:8), the pit of the abyss (Revelation 9:2,11), and the second death (Revelation 21:8) are several examples, but not an exhaustive list by any means. Reference to the retributive aspect of Hell in a future infinite age is found in Matthew 18:8, 25,41, Mark 3:29, 2 Thessalonians 1:9, Hebrews 6:2, and Jude…

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  • Reflective Essay: My Personal Beliefs Of The Catholic Church

    outweigh personal sin. (Quran 23:101-103). Jewish laws have similar views through good works, prayers and the grace of God. There is no parallel to the Christian view of substitutionary atonement. The last concept is Hell. Christians, Muslims, and Jews do acknowledge the place called Hell. The Christian view is; Hell is a place of everlasting punishment for the unrighteous. (Matthew 25:46) There is no place in between Heaven and Hell. Muslims see Hell as a place of torment and fire (Quran…

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