Linear Cosmology

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The views of different religions on the “End of the world”

Eschatology, is the part of religious studies dealing with events of the end of time, and humanity’s final destination. The word is derived from the Greek root Eschatos, which means “last”. Almost all religions and beliefs through all nations around the earth have their own ideas and beliefs about the events that are going at the final days and that will lead to the end of the world. Although there are lots of religions all over the world, and each has different views on the end of the world and different details on that event, most of their beliefs would fall into two categories, Linear Cosmology, and Cyclic Cosmology. We’ll discuss some of the views of linear cosmology
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After that is the last judgment, where people go to Gan Eden or Gehenna based on their good or bad deeds. Any non-Jew who lives by the seven laws of Noah, which are, (do not deny God, do not blaspheme God, do not murder, do not engage in extramarital sex, do not steal, do not eat a live animal), is considered a righteous person and is granted a place in the new world.
3. Christianity: Christian eschatology deals mainly with the end of peoples’ lives, the end of the world, and the kingdom of God. The bible in many places spoke about death and afterlife, heaven and hell, the second coming of Jesus, the resurrection, the rapture, tribulation, millennialism, the end of the world, the last judgment, the new heaven and new earth of the world to come.
Afterlife: some denominations believe that after death, the soul goes and sleeps and doesn’t wake up until the resurrection. Others believe that the soul will go to an intermediate place and stay their while it is awake. One of the beliefs about afterlife is the purgatory, which is teached by Catholics. They believe that when the soul is not condemned to hell, but is not pure enough to go to heaven, it will go to the purgatory, where it will be purified and therefore can go to heaven

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