Gay Liberation Front

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  • Gay Liberation Front Essay

    One of the groups formed due to the Stonewall Inn was called the Gay Liberation Front (G.L.F), it was named after the National liberation front of South Vietnam. The members of the Front felt that they were part of the movement that was antiwar, liberation, and collation of the new left. "The current system," wrote one Front member in a 1970 flyer entitled "What is Gay Liberation," "denies us our basic humanity in much the same way as it is denied to blacks, women, and other oppressed minorities; the grounds are just as irrational. Therefore, our liberation is tied to the liberation of all peoples." Groups of the Gay Liberation Front started to show up in Chicago, Los Angeles, and other major cities within a few months of the original group…

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  • The Causes Of The Stonewall Riots

    In Greenwich Village, June 28th, 1969 at 1:20 on a Saturday morning there was a police raid on a popular gay bar; in itself this was far from an uncommon occurrence however the riots that followed were. The raid led to six days of what became known as the Stonewall Riots. The Riots were credited with being the event that commenced the LGBT+ movement. They were the event that ‘catapulted the issue of sexual liberation out of the dark ages and into a new era,’ , but while the Riots were…

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  • Sex In The Heartland Analysis

    Beth Bailey’s work Sex in the Heartland goes into a deep analysis of sexual revolution throughout America in the 1960s. Using Lawrence, Kansas as a representation of the rest of the country, Bailey argues that the sexual revolution emerged from both sexual and non-sexual changes during the Second World War, and continued to grow as repressive elites attempted to halt the growth of sexual culture through Kansas University administration, the distribution of an oral contraception for unmarried…

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  • Analysis Of The Documentary Before Stonewall By Marsha P. Johnson

    Before Stonewall it was a crime to be anything than heterosexual. Before Stonewall it was a crime to be anything than heterosexual. The way was paved by the two faces of the riots Sylvia Rivera, Marsha P. Johnson, and their effects after the riots. Stonewall changed the way people say people of the LGBTQ community and pushed the fight for equality forward. While the fight for equality was a group effort the one of the main person who lead the community into the new age of gay liberation was…

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  • Religion In The United States Essay

    The fight for gay rights made its ways into the courts as more activist groups fought for their rights. Many court cases have reached the Supreme Court where they decide if any law violates the constitution. The first major court case was in 1958, One, Inc. v. Olesen, in which the FBI and the U.S post office claimed that One: The Homosexual Magazine was too inappropriate and obscene and couldn’t be delivered by mail. The magazine publishers sued but lost the court case and appeal. The case…

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  • Stonewall Riots

    The early morning hours on June 28th 1969 marked the beginning of a new era for the gay rights movement. The Stonewall Inn, at the time one of the few establishments that openly welcomed the gay demographic, was raided by the police. Subsequently, a riot erupted amongst the arrested crowd – the first time that the gay population had protested a police raid. The incident incited several more violent demonstrations in the following days, which have been famously dubbed as the Stonewall riots. The…

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  • Gay Rights Movement Research Paper

    Richardson WHO-1030-271 16 April 2015 The Gay Rights Movement: Moving Mountains Although great strides have been made in the recent past, homosexuals have faced many hurdles in the fight for equal rights. From hate crimes to legislative tyranny, the homosexual community has strived to become socially accepted and ascertain the same rights afforded to them as by the Constitution of the United States of America. For over five decades, many organizations have been created to facilitate this fight…

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  • Essay On The Sexual Revolution Of The 1960's

    sexual revolution of the 1960’s “was built on equal measures of hypocrisy and honesty, equality and exploitation” (Bailey 259). However, the sexual revolution did not consist of just one single movement. Multiple movements transpired at the same time, including the developments amongst women, gays, and lesbians whose strong willingness led them to find their place in the world. Due to this variety of views and matters, multiple goals formed from different issues to solve the inequalities in…

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  • Stonewall Riots In 1969: The Start Of The Gay Revolution

    1969 was the beginning of the Gay Revolution. In New York, you can hear miles away people chanting (LGBT) repeatedly to the point their voices were heard across the world. We created the Declaration of Independence that said, “That all men are created equal,” instead American society made homosexuality unacceptable for effeminate of young men and women. Most men and women that were gay had to hide their sexuality, and live the “normal” life that society made up. However, for those who spoke…

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  • Stonewall Riots Research Paper

    down the standard definition of violence into a two-part cause and effect system. In his novel, Violence, he categorizes violence as either being “subjective”, i.e. the more physical and literal examples of violence, such as murder, riots, and similar acts, or “objective”, the systematic or metaphorical violence that has caused the subjective violence, such as systematic oppression by the government or similar controlling bodies. The Stonewall Riots that occurred in 1969, where police officers…

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