Essay On The Sexual Revolution Of The 1960's

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In the 1960 's many changes occurred in America that questioned traditional society. From these questions, movements like the Sexual Revolution began to flourish. According to historian Beth Bailey, the sexual revolution of the 1960’s “was built on equal measures of hypocrisy and honesty, equality and exploitation” (Bailey 259). However, the sexual revolution did not consist of just one single movement. Multiple movements transpired at the same time, including the developments amongst women, gays, and lesbians whose strong willingness led them to find their place in the world. Due to this variety of views and matters, multiple goals formed from different issues to solve the inequalities in society. It is safe to say that the sexual revolution(s) issues could not have been solved without its cultural, social, political, and economic factors that influenced it. …show more content…
For example, racial tensions existed in America towards minorities, especially to that of African Americans for many decades. Over time, African Americans had enough of the unfair treatment. From taking a stand, the Civil Rights Movement of 1954 to 1968 took place. The results of this successful movement laid the platform for many other social groups to speak out about the injustice in society. Aside from racial issues that occurred, tensions also rose on Americans forefront due to: issues of pre-marital sex, the pill, abortion, and being gay. Clearly, when activists from different backgrounds get together to fight for any issue, goals will form. From these issues, the goals of the Sexual Revolution(s) included: discussing sex openly, showing sex to be okay even if un-married, making the birth control pill and abortion legal, and finally showing that a person should be in control of choosing their own sexual orientation and not be judged for

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