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  • Panopticism In The Novels Of John Berger And Michel Foucault

    Within the books of John Berger and Michel Foucault’s thoughts and ideas, they’re shown throughout their short anthologies. In “Ways of Seeing” and Panopticism; we see a lot of similarities and differences between the authors. From the way they write, to the way they express, to the way they think about their emotions and how they translate it out to their readers. John Berger talks about how we have our own perspectives on seeing things and how we can maintain different views in our society. Michel Foucault talks about how individuals are seen in the society and how others have the power to control them. They compare and contrast thoughts, as well as point of views through their anthologies towards the way they feel about power, and society…

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  • Analysis Of Susan Bordo's Beauty (Re) Discovers The Male Body

    In Susan Bordo’s essay, “Beauty (Re)Discovers the Male Body,” she discusses the appearance of men in advertisements while simultaneously juxtaposing them to female advertisements. Through the piece, she includes many sample advertisements to develop her point. The photos are placed next to the corresponding sections which help make her argument clearer. She also relates her point to John Berger, as she tries to demystify these advertisements in a similar way he tried to do so about artwork in…

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  • Women's Roles Essay: Girl By Katie Makkai

    you, even things completely out of someone’s control. Pressures to adhere to societal norms can cause long-term harm for certain people, but others can take this concept in stride. Due to different upbringings, along with different environmental influences, it allows for a range of perspectives. “Girl” by Alexander Chee, a reflection piece on Chee’s experience with femininity, along with the Slam Poetry video “Pretty” by Katie Makkai about her experience with being physically desirable due to…

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  • John Berger Ways Of Seeing Essay

    When a thousand people possess the privilege that allows them to freely reach the top, another two-thousand will still find themselves scrambling to take the first step up the mountain, completely out of control. In the first of John Berger’s essays compiled in Ways of Seeing, he utilizes the subject of art to discuss the dangers of allowing this sense of powerlessness to consume every aspect of our being, as those who reign superior ritually subdue us. He writes, “A people or a class which is…

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  • Understanding A Photograph By John Berger

    In John Berger’s book Understanding a Photograph, he argues that there is a distinct discontinuity between an individual viewing a photo, and the actual photo. A picture solely preserves a single moment in time, and while they often act to tell a story, the medium cannot be fully interpreted without knowing the story that surrounds it. Although there is a definite connection between a photograph and the narrative that corresponds with it, the photo is only a visual aid for the story; it does not…

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  • Examples Of Mystification In The Matrix By John Berger

    In John Berger’s article, “Ways of Seeing,” he discusses how a painting can be a misleading tool for the brain because many do not understand the meaning behind the painting. The paintings mess around with our brains in the form of telling us lies. In the movie, The Matrix, written by Larry and Andy Wachowski, Neo, the main character, is awaken from his long eternity sleep and realizes he has been living a lie. Throughout the film you are able to see the form of mystification form the Oracle, a…

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  • Essay On Ways Of Seeing By John Berger

    “What the modern means of reproduction have done is to destroy the authority of art and to remove it.” (Berger, 126) This quote from, ‘Ways of Seeing’ indicates a portion of John Berger’s bitterness towards the reproduction of art. Throughout his essay he states that reproduction has belittled the original, and has made images of art valueless. On the contrary, I believe that the reproduction of art has generated countless benefits for the art community, such as knowledge, popularity, and value.…

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  • John Berger Draw To That Moment Analysis

    the way we as humans understands and and interpret what we see and what we hear. Language and images like paintings, drawings and photographs are usually a way to express what someone is thinking, the way we see things is structured by what we know and what we believe. In the essay “Drawn To That Moment” by John Berger, he examine the nature of direct perception experience, and the construction of a representation through time. To fully explained this idea in his essay, he discusses his…

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  • The Suit And The Photograph By John Berger Analysis

    In John Berger’s essay, “The Suit and the Photograph,” Berger did a superior job at describing the difference between each photograph and their meanings behind them. He used a type of approach that I wasn’t familiar with at first, but it then became clear and was successful at doing so. Berger begins by talking about the photographer August Sander, who is responsible for taking the three photos that were discussed in the essay. He mentions that although there are obvious differences between the…

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  • John Berger The Ways Of Seeing Summary

    boring and that it has lost the greatly rich skill that was once required. This is an opinion and view that Berger passionately agrees with and supports. However, Berger approaches this with a different mindset. Berger is neutral and seemingly more open-minded. Berger’s main focus is on the art that we see and interact with hundreds of times a day: advertisements. Berger also discusses how traditionally paintings were a way for a person to display their wealth and all they had accomplished. This…

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