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  • The Maoist Prime Minister Pusha Kamal Dahal's Communities And Challenges In Nepal

    measures. In his second stint in the high pedestal, Dahal is hell-bent to please India, even though it has been stifling Nepal 's growth and undermining its dignity, sovereignty and independence. Here is his record. The joint press release issued during his visit to India, Dahal validated Indian interference in writing Nepal 's new constitution, agreed to equate the Nepali government with the Indian embassy, and also agreed to coordinate foreign policy issues with India. Apparently based on Dahal 's private agreement with his Indian counterpart, India has demanded for its monopoly to supply petroleum products to Nepal and national treatment in Nepal for Indian nationals, downgraded Nepali foreign minister to the level of Indian state minister, and decided to declare public holiday the day of Indian President Pranav Mukarjee 's arrival in Nepal. If you recall, Nepal had opposed the mention the need for improving Nepal 's new constitution in the India-EU and India-Britain joinst press statements. But Dahal agreed to include that point in the Nepal-India joint statement. A constitution is an internal matter for every country. It should be changed as the emerging situation and challenges require. But a foreign country has no business to dictate our country 's constitution. Dahal reduced the Nepal goverment to the level of the Indian embassy in Kathmandu. He agreed in the joint statement to create a joint monitoring mechansim of the Nepal government and the Indian…

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  • Descriptive Essay On Smart Kitchen

    To make your visit short and smooth, we make it simple. You need not take harried visits to cook, store and serve the cooked food. As soon as you request a quote, our customer support team communicate with you and fix an appointment to understand your need and develop a cutting-edge layout for meeting each common and customized need righteously, balancing with your family size, food habits, lifestyle, and available space. To ensure convince and give your kitchen a smart look, we install the…

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  • The Petticoat Affair By John Marszalek: An Analysis

    Marszalek, the author explores the life and career of General Andrew Jackson, particularly in his tenure as President of the United States. President Jackson gained fame and the Presidency for his acts in the Battle of New Orleans and the First Seminole War. He was a fiery General and an equally rowdy President, but he was always loving and loyal to his family and friends, which often times got him in trouble. One such scenario was his association with Mrs. Margaret Eaton, a long time friend,…

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  • Cabinet Of Natural History

    two genres of cabinets: the Wunderkammern, or “cabinet of wonders”, of the 16th century during the Renaissance; and the “cabinets of natural history” from the 17th and 18th century, as described by the great Enlightenment thinker Denis Diderot. Both of these cabinets aim to present a version of the world, a microcosm. However, the differences in object selection, organization,…

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  • Renaissance Aestheticism

    Renaissance, objects were displayed according to their material or figurative groupings, each of which was also displayed in ways that were aesthetically pleasing. Ferrante’s cabinet, for example, has balance and symmetry, seen in the symmetry of the fish displayed around the window. Not only was organization influenced by aestheticism, but the objects themselves were also affected by it. Ferrante 's cabinet has hints of the relationship between culture and Christianity with science, as seen…

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  • Andrew Jackson's Acceptance Speech

    Andrew Jackson was known throughout his presidency and modern day as a down to earth person who listened to the grievances of the common man because he defied the elitist norms in the White House and trusted the word of a common man over the word of his ineffective advisors, however, his opponents claimed that he acted more like a king than a president because he disregarded the democratic process and opted to instead put friends of his into positions of power. One trait of Jackson that was…

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  • Locked In The Cabinet Analysis

    The article “Locked in the Cabinet”, by Robert Reich is a very interesting memoir about the events of the author throughout the opening months of his time as the Secretary of Labor. Initially in the piece, the author is jumping through the hoops of being freshly appointed to the cabinet position after being a university professor. He starts by attempting to gather his team by June in order to get the department set up quickly. Furthermore, he states several pieces of criteria that a member of…

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  • Hybrid Form Of Government

    today’s modern day politics, France is seen a country with a party system consisting of both a presidential and parliamentary system of government—a hybrid form of government. What a presidential system of government embodies is that, the head of the government is also the head of state, in addition to this, the head of government is in charge of the executive branch; while a parliamentary system of government emphasis is on passing laws in which the executive branches will one day carry out.…

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  • Classical German Expressionist Film Analysis

    Expressionism was a modernist movement that originated in Germany during the early twentieth century. The expressionist movement was highly recognized in art, architecture, literature, and films that aimed to reflected specific concerns dominating public life in Germany. This paper discusses the qualities that define three classical German Expressionist films, including Friedrich Wilhem Murnau’s film Nosferatu- A Symphony of Terror, Fritz Lang’s film Metropolis, and Robert Wiene’s film The…

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  • Importance Of Bureaucracy

    Judges of the supreme Court, and all other Officers of the United States,” where he can appoint officials on his own terms. b. The bureaucrats never attempted to reestablish the federalism during the antebellum era. They noticed that “true” federalism would never be recreated as the one they had in the era. In the spoils it used to be family and…

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