Jodhaa Akbar

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  • What Is The Film Response Jodha Akbar?

    Film Response Jodha Akbar I will answer the questions you asked on canvas regarding the film to display my understanding of the film and the fusion and clash of the Hindu and Muslim cultures. Akbar was a Muslim man of peace and truly wanted to see both Hindu, Muslims and other religions to flourish together in harmony, in the same environment. Octavio Paz tells us of how music was quite a large success in bringing the two religions together. He claims that the music of India greatly influenced southeast Asia and the Arab world. In order to bring peace and draw an alliance between Hindus and Muslims he married Jodhaa who was a Rajput Princess (This was more or less a political marriage). That being said there are some historical…

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  • Source Analysis: Bhima Drinking The Blood Of Dushasana

    in the early seventeenth century from 1616-1617. Abul Fazl was Akbar’s most trusted courtier and best friend, so he had a very strong influence in the court of Akbar. However, Akbar died in 1605 so the painting was painted after the end of Akbar’s reign. Fazl was knowingly opposed to the leadership of Akbar’s successor, Jahangir, ergo he did not serve on the court of Jahangir. This painting seems to be a pursuit of Abul Fazl’s following his service to emperor Akbar. The Mahabharata had a…

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  • The Importance Of The Mughal Dynasty

    CE to 1850 CE, is an Islamic dynasty that invaded Hindu India. Akbar the Great, Aurangzeb, and Shah Jahan were the most famous leaders of the Mughal Dynasty. However, the most useful leader is Akbar the Great. To begin with, the Divine Faith was a huge contribution to making the Mughal successful. Secondly, the Mughal dynasty expanded to a significant extent due to Akbar the Great. The importance of education was valued in the Mughal Empire during Akbar’s reign. Lastly, the monumental…

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  • Gulaab Gang Analysis

    she is ditched, she ultimately decides to go on the honeymoon. This movie is relevant to the course because ultimately – it was her conservative views that caused her to lose her fiancé. The same conservative views that had been instilled in her since birth and oppressed women in the movie Gulaab Gang. Although personally, I don 't believe it is as useful to the course, because it doesn 't touch as much on societal views in India, it still shows how a young Indian girl can change, even after she…

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