The Roles Of Female Characters In The Odyssey

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The female characters in the Odyssey is very different from traditional view of women in ancient times. The works of Homer – Odyssey described the role of women in the Dark Age, it is a time where woman held an inferior position in compare to man and their role are basically limited to only childbirth and household duties. The Dark Age society portray woman as man’s servants and the idea of woman cannot accomplish anything without the help of man is common. But in the Odyssey, female character is rather distinctive. Female characters in the Odyssey are strong, influential and smart. In the Odyssey, man cannot accomplish his goal without the help of woman. For example, without the help and support from the female character in the Odyssey, …show more content…
She conceal Odysseus from the world for seven years to keep him safe because she loves him. Calypso’s role in the Odyssey is rather seductive. She is a very beautiful female goddess, even Odysseus is impressed by her beauty and he addressed that she was more pretty compare to his wife Penelope. Odysseus and Calypso were lovers for years until the order of Zeus separated them. Another seductive goddess female character that has an affair with Odysseus is Circe, the daughter of the sun god, Helios. She made Odysseus and his man stay in her island for one year. Circe as a goddess knows the danger that Odysseus and his man is going to encounter ahead, thereby instructed them to visit the land of death and meet Tiresias, the blind man who gained the power of second sight by Zeus. With Circe’s instruction, Odysseus successfully gained information from Tiresias. He got to know about the suitors in his house and confirm his faith to return back to Ithaca. Tiresias also teaches him to way to honor the sea god Poseidon that is angry at

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