The Depiction Of Feminism In Homer's Odyssey

The women in Homer’s Odyssey, translated by Robert Fagles, deceive the men, in order to do what is right. Penelope and Athena contrast each other by displaying different portrayals of femininity. Penelope’s portrayal of femininity is old and outdated; a femininity in which a woman is loyal and submissive to a masculine figure. She is the perfect wife who is pushed to do everything her husband tells her. Penelope wants to live her life with her love and without any other purpose. Athena on the other hand, portrays a much more modern form of feminism. She is much more assertive of herself and does what she wants not what she is forced to do by a male figure. She wants to make things right again. She does so by helping Odysseus on his journey. Penelope …show more content…
No, seriously,” describing how feminism is belief for equality and people all over the world are becoming feminist. He goes on to say, “I 'm a feminist because I believe that men and women are and should be equal, but we 're not treated equally right now” (Brougher). He believes that at the time, women are too submissive and because of that some women succumb to sexism and rape. This is portrayed by Penelope and how she accepts Odysseus immediately. That is why people and not only women need to express their thoughts about feminine and masculine equality. Achakzai says that women are expressing their ideas and it is bringing them closer to full equality (Achakzai). More and more people are considering themselves to be feminists to do what is right. This is paralleled in The Odyssey when Athena has to fix the problems that the gods created in the war. This reinforces her modern aspects of femininity. She wants equality for everyone by taking action for herself. The population needs to stop gender inequality such that there is no differentiation between masculinity and

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