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    This approach means that ARM often seems to draw connections that are not apparent: to the nature of a city, particular people, specific building types, historical episodes or events.18 As Ian McDougall explained in his own words, “Architecture appears to want or need to represent something to validate its permanence”.19 The blackened Villa Savoye at Canberra and recreation of Vanna Venturi House in Footscray are chunk-appropriations, a technique antithetical to modernism’s ideas for the forever new.20 Goad commented that it is a practice unseen anywhere else in the…

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    required adaptation to the climate as the Parry Sound area is in a significant snow belt and a lot cooler than Pike County, Missouri. Evidently his Nottawasaga experience could be employed. Also there was far less soil and uneven terrain due to the Canadian Shield making farming more challenging. Annabella could at least get some help from her sister Mary just turned 12 with the children. Not to say she was not working extremely hard with 3 young children, cooking, scrubbing floors, ironing…

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