Politics Of Asexuality: Issues Faced By Stormy O Brink

Throughout the years, the LGBT community has gained a tremendous amount of recognition from society. Their struggles have led to them getting well known by society. In fact, the community has grown so large that there are now disputes over whether a sexuality or gender identity should even be included in the community. One of the sexualities facing this struggle is asexuality. Asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction to anyone.Unlike celibacy, asexuals do not chose to be asexual. They are born already with a lack of sexual desire. Even though asexuality has existed for numerous years alongside homosexuals and bisexuals, many people, including the LGBT community itself, refuse to accept asexuals into their community. LGBT
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I’ve had my own family tell me how poor my life will be if I give up sex. Others have told me that I’ll never be a true woman without having sex once. The article “Politics of Asexuality: Issues Faced by the Asexual Community” by Stormy O’Brink discusses the struggles and prejudice faced by the asexual community. In the article, Stormy states “Some people feel threatened by the idea that asexuals do not participate in the sexual world. Many view asexuals as less human or even childlike because they do not wish to become involved in an experience most believe to be universal.” Asexuals are seen by others as people who simply do not know what sex is and are simply missing out. As a result, many people attempt to “fix” these “broken people”. One method in “fixing” asxuals is corrective rape. Corrective rape is an asexual’s worst nightmare as the rapist attempts to force the person to have sex with the mindset that they will change their mind about being asexual. This only causes more pain for the person as they are being forced to do something they do not want to do. Without a safe community to help them, asexuals begin to believe that they deserved it and may possibly commit suicide. Upon joining the LGBT community, they no longer have to face a world where they are shunned for not feeling sexual attraction for anyone and have someone who they can trust who could assist them during these tough

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