Asexuality Classification Essay

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Sexuality is everywhere, which is why it is so important for everyone to make an effort to learn about each identity to better understand others. In class this semester, we discussed three umbrella sexualities: homosexuality, bisexuality, and asexuality and learned about the different identities within each. A homosexual is someone who feels attracted to, desires and/or wants to practice with someone of the same sex and/or gender. This term was coined in the 1920s, when a writer accidentally switched the two original words homosexul and hereosexul and added an extra letter to each. Today there are numerous labels within homosexuality to better define the way individuals feel, four common labels are: gay, lesbian, homophile and same gender …show more content…
Individuals who identify as asexual have little to no interest in sexual activity. This sexuality seems to be very ignored, since our society is so heavily focused on sex it is hard for people to believe that there is a group of people who are not interested in partaking in sexual activities. This sexuality tends to be more person specific, asexuals are not as likely to care about genitals. Like bisexuality, this sexuality has a spectrum of different identities. Some of the most common labels within asexuality are demisexual, aromantic, and nonbonding. Demisexuality is bond specific, meaning that the individual only has sex with someone after a bond is formed. An individual who identifies as aromantic does not desire love or relationships, and someone who is nonbonding has trouble feeling empathy and connecting with others. Asexuality is a valid sexuality that can be very natural to someone, but can also form as a reaction to something that has happened in someone’s life, like an intersex person who had their genitals mutilated at a young age. Similar to homosexuals and bisexuals, asexuals are more likely to be in monogamous relationships rather than polyamorous

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