Old Spice Adverts

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Sexy Soap, Spirits, and Salad
Sex sells! This is a distasteful but accurate statement. There is a great deal of sexuality in the media today that cannot be avoided. There are many times when I am casually scrolling though twitter or flipping through channels and an ad pops up that is extremely sexual. Businesses have found a way to make their product more desirable through this type of portrayal, and they are not going to change that anytime soon.
One of the articles that I came across is about Sexuality Explicit Internet Material which is referred to as SEIM in this study. “[SEIM] is nowhere as widespread and omnipotent as on the Internet...the internet is unique in the way this material may be accessed” (Bickham & Rich, 2015). I easily
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The picture ad is vexing; there is no reason to have a scantily clad woman in the kitchen sexually cooking when trying to sell antiperspirant. Similarly, an eye-pleasing man on a horse or boat has no correlation to Old Spice soap. This commercial is fast paced and is full of random effects to keep the viewer engaged in it. Men of all ages watching this commercial want to impress their lady so they are tricked into buying Old Spice so they can smell like a “manly” man for their lady. This puts pressure on men to smell a certain way. Old Spice has had several slogans over the years including “The original. If your grandfather wouldn’t have worn it, you wouldn’t exist.”, “The Man your man could Smell like.”, “Believe in your Smellf”, and “Make a Smellmitment”. All of these ads are easy to remember because of the very sexual appeal in them. In the 2015 study, this was found to be true, especially in the toiletry category with deodorant and soap (Furnham, King, & McClelland, …show more content…
In this day and age, it has become “normal” to see several sex scenes in a TV show or in a movie. This has expanded into other forms of media as well, including commercials and advertisements. We can try and limit the amount of time children and teens are exposed to media, but in the 21st century, it is quite difficult to do so. Kids are exposed to a wide variety of media that can be harmful. Fortunately, the ads that I chose for this project are not too bad, but many ads that we see are basically porn. Kids should not accidently be able to come across things like this while driving down the road or flipping through apps on an iPad. Unfortunately, adolescents and emerging adults get caught up in all of this because it is so effortlessly accessible. Advertisements are portraying idealistic sexuality. It is dangerous for teens to be experiencing unrealistic expectations during critical developmental

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