Effects Of Aryanism Before Ww1

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1) Before WW1, Germany was bellicose, absolutist and arbitrary; a country striving to proclaim its position in the world. By 1914, Germany was Europe’s most dominant nation both in economics and in military force. But prior to the Welfare in 1918, Germany was impotent to import or export goods which confined various commerce. Raw materials and foods were really limited as the war continued. As a result of WW1, Germany was financially broke; they had to pay off utmost compensation to Allies according the agreement of the ‘Treaty of Versailles’. But lamentably, German was unable to pay off its compensation in 1921. This lead to the aggression of both the Belgium and the French troops into the Ruhr territory where they occupied Germany’s industrial …show more content…
Hitler believed that the Jew were a serious peril to the Aryan race. So what they did was, they created a race table were the Aryans and the Jews were at the top, the gypsies and black people at the bottom. These people allocated at the bottom were also seen as a peril to both the strength and purity of Germany.
In this modern society, there is no Aryanism in Australia or some of part of the world. By explaining this, I meant that people in from different culture have a ritual that probably have to follow. For example, most of the people in India marry Indians because of their family ritual. But this not exactly Aryanism cause of how the Nazis thought that by creating master race, that they could control the world. But in this case, people respect each other and see everyone as equal. What they are really doing is continuing their pure
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After Hitler gaining power in 1933, he started deigning the Jews from their business and social status. The Nazi party passed laws in 1934 which striped all the German Jews from their citizenships and also took away their jobs. In 1939, the Germans started killing them the German Jews. They deported large numbers of Jews to concentration camps and ghettos. Thousands of Jews died due to diseases, starvation, barbarous treatment and exposure to dangerous elements. Hundreds of thousands of the Jews who lived in the east were dragged outside of their suburb into isolated places were killed and buried. Also the Germans entrenched death camps were Jews from all over Europe were transported by train and were brutally murdered in gas chambers. By the end of the 6th year, 6 million Jews were killed by the Nazis. This wiped-out one-third of the Jewish population in the world and two-thirds of Europe’s.
The ‘Final Solution’ was the Nazi intention of killing the Jewish. This was all achieved through different stages. This stages were the Anti-Jewish Legislation, boycotts, Aryanism and the Night of Broken Glass. All these staged only focussed on one thing, that was the removal of Jews from Germany. The establishment of ghettos by the Nazis in the Polish territory in 1942, allowed they to deports the German Jews to annihilation camp.
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