Nazi Party DBQ Essay

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In the 1930s, Adolf Hitler received power and created his Nazi Party. The Nazis wanted to create a perfect Aryan race and the Jews did not fit into that category. The disabled were also targeted because they were not created in the most perfect physical form possible, unlike the Aryans. This party mainly targeted Jews, but it also targeted many other religions and races. The Nazi Party would classify Jews by their actions, by their appearance, and by their beliefs and mindset. The Jews were seen as animals and barbaric people to the Nazi Party. According to Hermann Gauch’s New Foundation of Racial Science that was written in 1934, “other races tend to chew with a smacking noise like animals.” (Doc. 3) Gauch was a German sociologist and was considered a part of the Aryan race. Aryans felt superior to other races due to their actions, such as chewing. In the Aryan’s point of view, they would see themselves as chewing with their mouth closed. …show more content…
Other races and animals would be classified in the same group due to this because they were inferior. As stated in Time Magazine in 1933 by Dr. Alice Hamilton who graduated from Harvard University, “[the Germans were] far superior to the successful Jew who was to be driven out of office and counting house to make place for the youth.” (Doc. 2). Hamilton is bluntly stating that Jews should not be running for any office position, mainly because the Nazis thought that the Jews were ignorant. Furthermore, the Nazi Party immensely supported the youth and would prefer that the youth are in a higher ranking role in society and government than other non-Aryan races. Gauch explains that, “the walk of the non-Nordic is cow-like.” (Doc. 3). The Jews were said to have “waddled along and

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