The Rise Of Hitler And The Nazi Party Essay

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The rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party was inevitable.
The rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party was practically inevitable. Germany had previously had a legacy of authoritarian rule, and the majority of German citizens wished for a strong leader to run the country, the description of which Hitler fit perfectly. Also, National Socialism appealed to a wide variety of people, making emotional promises to several key groups in society in order to gain their devotion. By manipulating the desires of the majority and appealing to the masses, the rise of Hitler was certain to happen.
Germany had previously experienced a long legacy of authoritarian rule, and the majority still yearned for a strong authoritative leader to rule over them. Hitler fit this profile perfectly; he was a powerful and passionate orator who had the ability to sway the masses through his compelling speeches, coupled with his strong desire to lead the German people. He displayed himself as a Christ-like figure who was willing to sacrifice his own life to restore order and security to Germany. No other political figures at the time had equal abilities; to the general public the decision on who to be Chancellor was between ‘a man bent on success’ or ‘a group of politicians without ideas or principles’ [AJP Taylor]. By taking advantage of Germany’s lack of democratic tradition, Hitler was able to convey himself as a strong political leader such as had previously ruled in ‘old Germany’ which was greatly romanticized.…

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