Treatment Of Blacks During The Holocaust

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By exploring this topic, we can learn about how the Treatment of Blacks in United States is similar and different to the treatment of Jews in Germany. Adolf Hitler is known for how he treated Jews in the holocaust. For this research project, this topic will compare the Treatment of Blacks and the Treatment of Jews. For both of these treatments , they both had human rights violated and had to suffer.
Adolf Hitler was one of the greatest dictators throughout history, he is known to be very powerful figure. He was the leader of a group called Nazi’s. This group of people had to be all white. He only cared about people that were, white had blue eyes and had no disabilities or disorders. He made camps that killed many jews, some of the camps were called alderney, amersfoort, and Bardufoss.
So what were his origins? Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 in Braunau am Inn, Austria. Adolf Hitler was born and raised in Austria, but he wanted to live in Germany so months later he moved there to live. Adolf Hitler was born into christianity. His parents made him a part of the catholic faith by baptizing him.
Did Hitler have any family or close loved ones? In fact Hitler did have a family, his parents were Klara Hitler and Alois Hitler. Adolf Hitler’s parents had six children altogether, Adolf being the fourth child. He had two older brothers and a older sister Gustav, Otto, and Ida they all died. Then there was four other siblings left, his two half-siblings, his older

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