Short Essay: The Nazi Olympics Of 1936

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The Nazi Olympics of 1936
Wyatt osborne

The exhibition that I chose is the Nazi Olympics in Berlin. This was the summer Olympics of 1936. Hitler used this Olympics to impress and show foreign nations that the rumors of Germany’s plans for expansion were false. He tried to make Germany to look like a peaceful, sane, and negotiable Nation. Many journalists and Newspapers tried to reveal the Nazi persecution of Jewish German athletes, and tried to get America to boycott the Nazi Olympics. The journalist failed, and America rejected the boycott and carried on to the Summer Olympics of 1936. Before the Olympics Hitler had already taken control of Germany and turned its Democracy into a one party, on person dictatorship. He was able to do this
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It’s amazing how many horrible acts the Nazi’s were already commiting were simply over looked. Most large and small nations still participated in the Games, which helped Hitler and the Nazi’s keep their charade and illusion of a peaceful, nice, and great nation going. They were able to portray themselves as a negotiable country, that other countries could work with. Perhaps the Nazi Regime could have been stopped earlier if other countries would have had a backbone, and boycotted the Olympics. I watched a video of interviews with Jewish athletes in Germany during the time of the Olympics. One Jewish competitor was still allowed to compete to keep the media off of the Nazi’s back. But another female competitor was taken out of the games at the last minute. Which she said she was thankful for, because she said competing was a lose-lose deal for her. She said if she would have won, then she would have been persecuted and maybe even killed for her success by the German Nazi’s. If she would have lost, then she said she would have been masecured by the media of all the countries and Germany for her incompetency. Other interviewees said that everywhere you looked you saw the Nazi symbol of the Swastika, they said that they were at least on every other

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