How Did The Boston Massacre Contribute To The Revolutionary War

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The Boston Massacre; A Bloody Night

March 5th, 1770. It’s a cold, wintery night and the British Redcoats have set up camp right in the middle of Boston, Massachusetts to enforce more tax laws. A group of angry, drunken colonists gather around all sides of the British troops for a not so peaceful protest. Clunk. One of the colonists had thrown a wooden club and knocked a British soldier off his feet and onto the ground. “Fire!” Captain Preston Thomas exclaimed. What was the Boston Massacre, and how did it lead to the Revolutionary War? The Boston Massacre was a mass shooting of American colonists due to them protesting, they were shot by British soldiers on March 5th, 1770. According to Social Studies for Kids, the massacre took place outside the Custom house on State Street in Boston, Massachusetts. In research, historians have concluded five colonist deaths due to injuries sustained that night and some were instantaneous due to lethal gun shots. Crispus Attucks was the first of the colonists who were shot and killed. The other colonist who were brutally injured and killed were James Cadwell, Samuel
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The colonists were not happy and did not believe it was fair . Obviously people, the Patriots, did not wish to have more taxation without representation. Therefore, the colonists were not thrilled about having the Redcoats here. England was sending more British troops in their colony to enforcing more tax laws. The Boston Massacre was an indiscriminate slaughter of American colonists on the night of March 5th, 1770. The massacre itself has many impacts on America today. If the massacre would have never happened, rebellion probably wouldn’t have been that strong and it could have delayed the Revolutionary War. What would you do if you were being taxed for what some view, as unnecessary things? Would you speak up? Would you

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