The Colonist Fault In History: The Boston Massacre

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Lyles 1Kayla LylesMr. NewellResearch paperMay 15 2016Bostonian ReliabilityWhen researching many sources written about the Boston massacre, there were severalauthors who issued articles about the Boston Massacre, particularly journals, letter andreferences. Some authors categorized the Boston massacre by its context in history by examiningit by the people who were involved in the important event. However, while the authors talk aboutjournals, letters and references, there really wasn’t much discussion about other important part ofthe Boston Massacre: who really caused it. The goal in this research paper is this BostonMassacre debate is by explaining how it was the colonist fault for causing the Boston massacrebecause they resulted in the …show more content…
Neither the colonist nor soldiers were ever on good terms though the soldierswere only guarding the custom house.The colonist were the ones to cause innocent people to die which is why they caused the“The Boston Massacre”. Although they weren’t the ones who fired they caused the firing. One ofthe first people to die was Crispus Attucks (1723- 1770) was an African American former slaveand sailor who is now considered as the first martyr for the American Revolution because he wasthe first person to be killed. Through the whole event a total of three people were killed instantly,two later dying a few days and six others were severely wounded. The colonist had sent tosoldiers to jail, while the soldiers only shot because the colonist were going too far “arrest ofCaptain Preston and his eight men early the following morning, but the soldiers had to wait untilthe following October before the lieutenant governor decided they could receive a fair trial. Aftera three-day trial, defense lawyer John Adams secured Preston 's acquittal. Of the eight othersoldiers, six were found not guilty. The other two were convicted of manslaughter and werebranded on their thumbs before being returned to their regiments” (Thomas Riggs). The colonistcaused this innocent child just because they wanted a bunch of people to be part of their mob sothey can harass the soldiers with as many people, so the little boy was most like with his parentsthen got hit just because the mob wanted as many people as they could get. Many people saidthey had heard from many citizen trying to encourage the other citizen to kill the soldiers yellingnumerous of impolite words as explained in this primary document “a vast concourse of excitedpeople soon collected; cries of "Kill them!" "Drive them out!" "They have no business here!"were heard; Generally speaking, the soldiers got the worst of it” (Ruffin 2016). The colonistwere encouraging people to kill which is one the reason why it was

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