Colonists Massacre Research Paper

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On March 5, 1770, a group of young colonists confronted a British soldier on guard at the Custom House- supposedly about money that was owed to one of the colonist´s masters. Refusing to pay any money, the soldier got back to work expecting the colonists to do the same and leave. However, they did not. The colonists resorted to throwing snowballs and ice at the guard, in a final attempt to persuade him to give up the money. Soon enough, other colonists joined the rebellion, and the crowd against the one British soldier swelled to a size that was out of control. British forces sent six other soldiers to aid the original, and at one point, a soldier fired. Six colonists were badly wounded, and five were dead- and British soldiers were to blame for the tragic events of the massacre. …show more content…
More than two hundred colonists were more than ready to face the British, and it wasn’t just out of boredom. The soldiers had acted horribly towards the colonists, and with complete permission from their home country. They were allowed to live in colonial homes without permission because of the Quartering Act. They could get away with crime, and they had no obligation to act nicely. It is against human nature to rebel against what is working out in our favor, meaning having British soldiers around was threatening the colonist’s privacy The Boston massacre didn’t start with a dispute over money, it went all the way back to when Parliament first started controlling the

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