The Boston Massacre: The Most Important Events That Led To The Revolutionary War

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Register to read the introduction… Depictions and reports of abuse by the British towards the colonists throughout the 13 colonies was used to further heighten the tensions throughout the land and act as a rallying point for further protests and resistance14. The desire for self-rule began to take hold and filter throughout all of the colonies. The crumbling relationship between the colonies and their British rulers led to further decent and ultimately to significant changes. In May of 1770, all British troops were forced out of Boston and into the Castle Island, thus temporarily ending the immediate tensions between the citizens of Boston and the representatives of the King.15

The Boston Massacre is considered one of the most important events that turned the colonial settlements against the British Parliamentary Rule16. John Adams wrote that the, “foundation of American Independence was laid” on the day of the Boston Massacre17.

. The ultimate victory of the Boston Massacre was the eventual removal of the British soldiers from the area, and the escalation of protests and resistance by the colonists towards British rule, such as the 1773 Boston Tea Party18. The Boston Massacre was the significant event that led to the rebellion that followed, the Revolutionary
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