American Massacre: The Boston Massacre

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The Boston massacre
The Boston massacre was a famous shooting that started because of a small argument, also it started a famous pre-revolutionary war. “On the evening of Monday, March 5th, some soldiers were seen parading through the streets and waving swords and rifles. They were hurting some of the people in Boston.” How did the Boston massacre impact the colonists and the United States? This paper will cover how the Boston Massacre started, the people who were involved, fun facts, and what happened after the incident. How the boston massacre started
On the evening of March 5, 1770 the Boston Massacre started on king street because of a small
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The British called the Boston massacre the “ incident on king street” because that was where the incident happened. Due to the several colonists that were killed it led to a campaign by speech writers to awaken the anger of the citizens. Out of the five colonists that were killed Crispus Attucks became the most well known. Fun facts
The Boston massacre as a famous pre-revolutionary war, redcoats were quartered in the city firing at the civilians killing 5 of them which include, Crispus Attucks, Patrick Carr, Samuel Gray, Samuel Maverick, and James Caldwell. Six other civilians were injured. “The soldiers that were involved got arrested and pleaded not guilty.” There were about 4,000 redcoats ( British troops) and 20,000 residents during the incident. The Boston massacre helped spark the colonists desire for freedom and independence
Captain Thomas
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He was a well known man for being in the Boston massacre. He was born into slavery and one of the first men to die for the American Revolution. He was a fugitive slave who escaped from his master and worked for about twenty years as a seaman merchant. “Attucks is the only one who became widely known, and he became the first hero of the American Revolution.” Crispus was six foot two inches and had short curly hair, and wore a light bear skin coat. The owner of Crispus offered a reward of 10 pounds ( $13.42 in the United States). Fun facts
Before the Boston Massacre was named the Boston Massacre,Paul Revere had named the incident, The Bloody Massacre on King Street. It was also called the State Street Massacre before it became known as the Boston Massacre. Every year on March 5th, The Boston Massacre gets reenacted at the site of the incident. “Another 20 British soldiers appeared with fixed bayonets, the crowd grew to as many as 300 boys and men, and after about 30 minutes of being taunted and pelted with rocks and sticks, one of the soldiers opened fire. A few minutes later, 11 members of the mob were dead or wounded” ( The British

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