Explain The Reasons Why I Decided To Re-Enlist

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One decision that will determine my next few months. Should I re-enlist or go back to my starving family? It was a difficult decision, but the only thing I could do now is pray.Most people were vacating. after nine-months, We lived in small huts with 12 men, young women developed “scarlet fever”, which is a massive crush on the redcoats. I have decided to re-enlist for three main reasons my army needs me, I need money for my starving family, and There is not doctor to help the soldiers get better.
Summer of 1775 George Washington and his troops withdrew from Boston and retreated from New York City. On October 1777, he had been unable to stop British and nine - month men were leaving Valley forge” small winter camp”, 18 miles, northwest of Philadelphia. The first reason that I will re-enlist is because, the army needs me.”The total amount of deaths and Illnesses at valley forge was 1,800 to 2,500” 147. I chose this quote ,because the amount of deaths was very high. “My skin and eyes are almost spoiled with continual smoke”151. I choose this quote because the army needs me to build more log houses. On page 149 there
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“ You miss your family and are concerned on your aging mother”(roden 141). I choose this quote because if I go home you will get my mother sick. “Nine month men were leaving” p.141. I choose this quote because, if everyone leaves you have more food to eat. Living in valley forge was very difficult, but if I managed I can get money for my family. “People didn’t have shoes or pants” on p.149. I choose this information ,because it describes how life in valley forge was like.This reason is causing me to reenlist because, I need money for my family. I am reenlisting because if we win I get money for my

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