Reflective Essay On Spending Behavior

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During the course of the two weeks the one behavior that I selected to change was to reduce my spending behavior. My first thoughts on trying to modify this behavior was that this was going to be a stress-free assignment that I was going to be able to accomplish with no problems. Going into the assignment and believing that I was going to only need to put little to no effort into it lead me to becoming quite surprised when I discovered that it was not as easy as I made it out to be. However, once it was actually time for me to begin to change my behavior it wasn’t as easy as I expected it to be. As the observation week commenced it came across as if I selected one of the most awful weeks to begin to observe my spending behavior. Considering …show more content…
On that Monday, as my attempt in taking the modification seriously I decided to completely cut out any purchases throughout that entire week. So following that plan on that following Monday I didn’t spend any money at all. Due to all of the money I spent from that following weekend I decided to minimize my spending habits for the week to $0. On Tuesday however, I decided to purchase breakfast from McDonalds. That came up to a total amount of $7.70. Though, it is a common habit of mine to at least once or twice throughout the week to try and treat myself to something other than dining hall food. On the following Wednesday of that week, my phone bill was due so that took a big chunk of money out of my account. The total amount taken out of my bank account was $89.78. Although, my phone bill is a necessity to be paid, it is also an expense that could have either been reduced by choosing a cheaper phone or a cheaper phone plan. Unfortunately, personal matters leads me to preferring to pay more and retain my unlimited phone plan. However, as a special surprise on Thursday of that week same exact week my mother decided to deposit $80.00. dollars into my bank account. This then helped balance out the amount of money spent throughout the course of the week and subtracted out $80.00 of it spent. However, I then proceeded later on that day to buy

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