Diseases and disorders

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  • Addiction : Disease Or Choice Disorder?

    Disease or Choice Disorder? Philip L. Fischer Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis Addiction – disease or choice? This debate is far more complex than many imagine. For us to even understand the discussion, we must have understand the terms. Addiction is commonly used as an equivalent for dependence which, according to John Jung, is “the state in which the user no longer seems to be able to control his or her usage… a strong physiological or psychological need to use alcohol or drugs” (2001, p. 40). According to Dr. Marco Diana, a disease or pathology is “A derailment from normal functioning of a system/organ/cell (physiology), and ultimately of the whole organism” (2013, p. 1). From my limited understanding of neurobiology, psychology, and behavior, I have come to the conclusion that addiction, whether to alcohol or other drugs does not meet the requirements of a disease. I will examine some arguments from both sides to illustrate the complexity of the issue, and why I have come to this conclusion. When Elvin Jellinek proposed the disease model of alcoholism in 1960, it was received as a welcome replacement to the moral model that had been held previously. This model posited that alcoholics could not control their drinking and required medical attention rather than incarceration (Jung, 2001, p. 41). Neil Levy, spoke against the disease model in his journal article published in Frontiers in Psychology in April 11th, 2013. His…

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  • Essay On The Biomedical Model

    2008). The biomedical model predominantly focuses on identifying the biological causation of illness or disease that is causing involuntary physical changes within the body such as bacteria or viruses and establishing the best course of treatment needed to cure it. The biomedical model specifically explores biological factors excluding psychological, environmental, and social influences although it is a reductionist approach it is still a dominant theoretical model to health and illness in…

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  • Human Genome Project Essay

    7. Identify one finding from the Human Genome Project and discuss how it might impact our understanding of human behavior. One finding from the Human Genome Project includes the identification of “approximately 200 disease-related genes” (Ginsberg, Nackerud & Larrison, 2004, p. 118). This finding impacts our understanding of human behavior as it gives a better biological understanding of these diseases and it helps social workers to be better advocates for those who have these diseases. Our…

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  • Summary: CRISPR

    In the world of engineering, the fairly new technology CRISPR lives up to its potential. CRISPR is a technology used to scan the patient 's genetic code and search for genetic diseases, it then “erases” the bad gene and replaces it with a neutral one. With this process we can eliminate many deadly genetic diseases such as Alzheimer 's, Diseases that causes the carrier to become blind, and some forms of cancer. Francisco Mojica discovered the gene editing tool in 1993. Although Mojica was the…

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  • Cloning Persuasive Essay

    The human body’s white blood cells are intended to fight off anything that enters the body that does not belong. Transplant are typical situations where the white blood cells try to fight it off and that causes an infection. Cloning could eliminate the rejection in transplants. Scientists affirm that they’ll be able to cure nerve, cardiovascular, and blood diseases in the body (Ballaro and Sprague 1). Those diseases range from Alzheimer’s to Parkinson’s to diabetes (Rugnetta). They also believe…

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  • Animal Testing

    replications of disease and reactions. Animals’ genetic material is similar to the humans. Scientists are now beginning to use…

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  • Major Causes: The Death Of A Child

    In the United States, approximately 55,000 pediatric deaths occur annually, and 80% of children who die in hospitals do so in an intensive care unit and emergency department (Kongsuwan et al., 2016). Although advances in health care, thousands of children die annually from life threatening illnesses. Death can occur after a prolonged illness, such as respiratory failure, cancer, or suddenly and unexpectedly, such as after an injury or sudden infant death. Major causes of child deaths include…

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  • Ms. Rankin Soul Medicine Analysis

    psychiatrists), she is more so advocating the need for the mental medicating through interaction rather than the biological medicating through pharmaceuticals. Now psychological medicine is certainly necessary, though; there are Americans all over the nation who require therapy for mental disorders and such, but in Ms. Rankin’s phrasing of the psychology needs of humans she desires a medicine that is interpersonal without drugs but rather just simple human…

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  • Gene Therapy Pros And Cons

    Thus, when the new gene is introduced in the body, it promises immunity from the fought disease. As a result, gene therapy is more effective than pharmaceutical medicine or surgery. Patients that suffer from diseases that cause seizures, low energy, and muscle aches are prescribed drugs from a health professional to alleviate the symptoms. However, the disadvantage of prescription drugs is that they cause side effects, addiction, and short term solutions. Another disadvantage is that a patient…

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  • How Should Animals Be Used In Medical Research

    I might add, consciousness is not seen as some single ability which you have or do not but a scaled development I don 't mean to be finagling it off so ungraciously, I have not specifically looked for such evidence and have no idea how one could prove it with non-verbal subjects, such as animals. While I might add that these animals aren’t specifically used with the intentions of being mistreated, people often have the fight that they are being mistreated and are suffering. Throughout everything…

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