The Counterculture Of The Hippie Movement

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The Hippie era has come to end and the days of self awareness have arrived. Instead of focusing on love to all, many Americans were indulging in their own self pleasure. According to Alfred Kinsey’s research,” Americans sexual behavior deviated from their widely accepted norms” (Escoffier 1). Wilhelm Reich added to Kinsey’s research with the remark that he, “believed sexual repression overwhelmingly distorted psychological development “(Escoffier 1). To further societies receptivity of sexuality the case Roth v. United States in 1956, “created a public arena in which it became possible to discuss sex and represent it both literary and visually” (Escoffier 1). Furthermore the counterculture of the 60’s candidness for sexuality contributed …show more content…
The sexual revolution made it acceptable for music to arouse us. The embracing of sex allowed for love to be viewed as a verb instead of a noun. “The diminution in the hazard of pregnancy due to the availability of innovative and enhanced contraception encouraged sexual activity” (Greenwood 3).Individuals had the opportunity to have sex for pure enjoyment rather than procreation. For instance, artist such Marvin Gaye and Barry White created music that played to that human condition with songs like “Let’s get it on” and “I am qualified to satisfy you.” The first song by Marvin Gaye boasts lyrics such as,” And if you feel like I feel baby, then come on, oh come on. Let 's get it on, oh baby. Let’s get it on, let’s love baby”, while Barry White sings “I 'm qualified to satisfy you, anyway you want me to. Sometimes you need lovin ' morning, noon and night.” Marvin Gaye was no stranger to unconventional sexual exploration. He had his first sexual experience in a black whorehouse (Dyson 9). Another sexually fueled ballad is Donna Summers’ “I Love to you baby”. This song is almost siren like, luring out the sexual desires of whomever listens to it with lyrics like “Do it to me again and again. You put me in such an awful spin, in a spin. I love to love you baby.” She is able to ooze sex appeal with her breathy and seductive voice. Music having the ability to be seductive was unheard of in the United

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