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  • Rave Parties Research Paper

    Rave parties have become a problem for citizens and for law enforcement since its creation in the 1980’s. Rave parties are known for overcrowding and rampant drug use. Rave parties have become such a problem that law enforcement have gotten involved. Law enforcement officials have had trouble locating and dispersing these parties as they were normally kept a secret until the day of the rave. They still are today, but raves are advertised as being safe and that security is provided. This statement is far from the truth. First and foremost, we need to know the definition of a rave. A rave is a high energy dance party that features fast-paced, repetitive electronic music and light shows. (Scott, 2002). Raves started in Europe around 1980. They…

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  • Pros And Cons Of The Rave Act

    Just or Unjust Liability: The RAVE Act Drug policy has always been a controversial issue in the United States of America, and recently the government’s focus has been on “club drugs” such as ecstasy or MDMA. Club drugs are often associated with raves, electronic music festivals, and nightclubs. The government enacted an unusual form of drug policy in 2003. The federal government has decided that the owners and or promoters of the rave community are liable for the illegal actions of their…

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  • Short Essay On Rave Culture

    Rave Culture How do electronic music, LED Lights, and young people go together? Well you might have guessed a party, but it’s a little more specific than that. What I’m talking about is a rave. I’m here to briefly explore the origins of rave culture, the music, dancing, and even attire. The subculture is a bit odd, and very different from a typical night out. The early rave scene subculture started in the late 80’s in Chicago. Young party-goers attended events called “Acid House Music Parties”.…

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  • Rave Culture And Social Culture

    The representation of Rave and Drug culture from the 1980’s and why it has always been associated together and how this sparks Moral Panics In this essay I will investigate how rave culture caused such a moral panic and why it was (and still is) thought to be so closely linked with drug use, especially the intake of Ecstasy. Techno music (House) and MDMA would both have survived without each other, but their marriage was mutually beneficial; together they gave birth to rave culture. Rave culture…

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  • The Bellamy Brothers-Old Hippie Counterculture

    a Japanese electronic instrument manufacturer founded in 1972, came out with the revolutionary “Roland TB-303 Bass line” in 1982 igniting the fuse that caused the rave culture to spread like zombies, even becoming mainstream in major European countries.(Acid-House wiki) Rave culture is most known for the synthetic music, mind numbing light shows, outlandish outfits, glow-sticks, and the association of copious psychotropic agents. Society abroad recognized the heathenism occurring beneath their…

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  • Analysis Of Economic Status And Raving By Christina Robinson

    the late 1980 's to the early 2000 's. All in all, Robinson writes a credible and convincing article on rave culture, the reasons to it 's rise and brings the reader into this subculture to see what it is really about. My question about the raving subculture is, how did EDM or techo music become the music of choice for these ravers over other popular music of the time? To answer this question I used sources like Robinson 's text as well as certain articles online to give me a better view of the…

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  • Rave Stereotypes

    When most people think of the word “Rave” they think of loud music, flashy lights, bass, and drugs. While that may have been the case years ago, today raves have changed into a much safer place for many age groups. People associate ravers with druggies and sluts. Rave culture is widely shamed and looked down upon. Are raves as bad as they once were? Are all the rave stereotypes out of date? What I know is that raves can range from 4 to 12+ hours and include music from progressive house to…

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  • Understanding Hipness: Subcultural Capital As A Feminist Tool '

    Understanding Hipness: ‘Subcultural Capital’ as a Feminist Tool by Sarah Thornton and Women and the Early British Rave Scene by Maria Pini, both discuss and analyze the social dance culture of the 1980’s. Thornton’s article focused primarily on the culture of clubbing while Pini’s article focused more on rave culture, however both did mention clubbing and raving at points in their article. Both articles carry validity in their arguments however it is important to take bias into account when…

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  • High School Stimulants Essay

    The specific type of person that I feel are connected to stimulants are adolescents that are around the age of 16-18 years old. These are high school students who attends raves, clubs, or concerts quite often. Night life events has the highest probability of drug use because it stimulates your body and mind much quicker. Adolescents who see their friends being entertained by drugs are more likely to be influenced of drug use. For example, with an adolescent mindset they can say, “My friends have…

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  • Tropical House Research Paper

    In the past decade, EDM has sprouted many different genres of music, but not all becoming successful. Really starting to become it’s own genre in the past 5 years, Tropical house has made its way to the top of these subgenres with it’s calm but exciting dance music. Tropical house has stemmed from deep house, which is a subgenre of house music, which again came from the genre of EDM, or Electronic Dance Music. Electronic dance music is known for its intensity, with anticipation on a beat drop…

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