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  • The Singularity

    The evolutionary prize in our world is something humans overlook every day. It’s the power of our human brain that lets us sense the very world we live in. To touch, smell, visualize, listen, taste, and think are exactly these things that we overlook and are the answer to furthering human evolution. Humans have achieved the power to change our behavior, society, ways of life, and aspects of our physical form, thus breaking the connection with natural selection. Ray Kurzweil, a well-known futurist and author of “How to Create a Mind” and “The Singularity Is Near”, explains the significance of technological advancements and what their relationship with us will be in the future. The singularity that Kurzweil speaks of is when there’s a change…

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  • Summary Of Singularity By Paul Alan

    In the article, Paul Alan makes a claim that contradicts the claims made by Kurzweil and Vernor Vinge regarding “singularity” stating, “While we suppose this kind of singularity might one day occur, we don’t think it is near. In fact, we think it will be a very long time coming.” Alan lays out the article by providing the claims Kurzweil mentions in his article, and provides statements and evidence that contradicts them. He begins his article by providing the main thesis statement and claims…

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  • Controversial Relationship Between Theodore And Samantha In Spike Jonze's Film Her

    Remember the romantic, controversial relationship between Theodore and his AI operation system Samantha in Spike Jonze’s directed movie “Her”? Immersed in a climate of love and moving, we applaud as Theodore and Samantha crush into each other, shed tears when Samantha says to Theodore, “I’m not like you, and at the end, moan when Samantha leaves. Not unlike normal relationships at all, “Her” depicts a situation in which artificial intelligence is no longer artificial when they tend to love,…

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  • Analysis Of Live Forever By Raymond Kurzweil

    In the magazine article “Live Forever” by Raymond Kurzweil he predicts that the rapid advancement of technology will lead to being able to upload the human conscious into a virtual reality that can be controlled with the mind. This will become possible by allowing billions of nanobots into our bodies, allowing us to upload our knowledge, memories, and insights. Kurzweil believes this could lead to eternal life or to “live forever.” Although there are clearly dangers with the rapid advancement of…

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  • Dashiell Hammett's Use Of Corruption In The Movie Brick

    “Private Eye” or tough “Hard-boiled” private investigator detective fiction is the classification most dominated by American writers (Mansfield-Kelly 205). One of the founders and innovators of the private investigator is Dashiell Hammett. And is also “The most influential figure in the structuring of hard-boiled detective fiction,” (Mansfield-Kelly 229). He wrote the first tough-guy detective in “The Gutting of Couffignal”, named Continental OP and wrote The Maltese Falcon (Mansfield-Kelly…

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  • Analysis Of Black Hair By Gary Soto

    explains the life of a young seventeen year old Mexican who struggles on the streets to make a decent living . Soto is able to portray the emotions and experiences of his life by writing the essay in first person. The audience has the opportunity to relate towards what life is when not having a place to sleep at night, being tired from work and dirty because there is no home to go to and shower. Likewise, in the story "Sonny 's Blues" by James Baldwin, a black teacher living in the "ghetto" city…

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  • What Is The Theme Of Cathedral By Raymond Carver

    Katie Young Peyer ENGL 1302 15 11 2016 Research Paper: Cathedral Raymond Carver’s story “Cathedral” is about a blind man named Robert who visits a woman friend, married to another man. The protagonist in the story is the narrator himself. This story reveals the lives of two blind men, one physically and the other one symbolically blind. This story mainly focuses on the narrator. Narrator’s mesmerizes not only reveal his flaws, but also his perceptions, beliefs, and attitudes towards…

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  • Literary Analysis Of Little Things By Raymond Carver

    When I began this class, it had been over ten years since I had taken English 111, so I was a little apprehensive about whether I would be able to remember everything from that long ago and be successful in this class. The first paper that I was tasked to write was a literary analysis of “Little Things” by Raymond Carver. I was excited about this assignment in the beginning because, as an avid reader, I really enjoy critically looking at what I think the author is trying to say to me through…

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  • The Code Of Chivalry In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

    Throughout Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, it does not take long to notice that a certain code of conduct, or code of ethics, is very prevalent throughout the poem. The poem includes several key aspects of medieval life, especially how following the code of chivalry is a requirement for knights. The knightly code of chivalry explains the bravery of Sir Gawain that is portrayed throughout the poem. During the story, Gawain’s chivalry is continuously tested, but it is not just Gawain’s chivalry…

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  • Themes In Birnam Wood, By T. C. Boyle

    The short story, “Birnam Wood,” by T.C. Boyle, explores a young man Keith’s fractured relationship with his girlfriend Nora from first person point of view. Keith reconnected with Nora by sending her “wheedling letters begging her” to come back to him, and she eventually obliged. They lived together in a rebuilt yet cramped chicken coop that had “creeping and greasy” mold on the corners, and no heating. Displeased with their living conditions, and faced with yet another dilemma -- seeing…

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