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  • Family Food Routine Analysis

    generation prior. When I look at the routines that have emerged from the union of my parents, I see something that is varied. My mother’s families are of mixed backgrounds and it is obvious in her bag of tricks when it comes what I was fed as a child. My Great Grandmothers on my mother’s side were Cajun and Irish, so I ate gumbo and corned beef and cabbage. My father’s family was Italian from the region of Campania, so pasta was a staple of my father’s diet and so it became a staple in the diet of our family. Levi-Strauss talks about a triangle in cuisine, one that is comparable to language. As every language has basic distinct units of sound, or phonemes, so does each cuisine have a basic unit of food preparation; this being the raw, the cooked and the rotted. Levi-Strauss states “In any cuisine, nothing is simply cooked, but must be cooked in one fashion or another.” (Levi-Straus, Food, 41) In analyzing my family’s food routine I recognize that when we eat certain meals, the preparation becomes key to the experience of that meal. On St Patrick’s Day you may eat corned beef and cabbage. The preparation of this meal is simple, boiled meat with spices and vegetables served with a basic peasant bread. A traditional Mardi Gras meal prepared in the Cajun style, would be a gumbo or a stew made with well-seasoned meat and vegetables and served over rice. Although these meals do not taste at all alike, the preparation is in the same basic style of cooking, but…

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  • Human Brain Development

    Nutritionist Corinna Koebnick and colleagues studied 513 raw-foodists with who ate between 70 percent and 100 percent raw food in their diets. The average weight loss when changing from a cooked to a raw diet was 26.5 pounds for women and 21.8 pounds for men. They found that a third of the study subjects had a chronic energy deficiency, leading them to conclude that “a strict raw food diet cannot guarantee an adequate energy supply.” This study was done on modern humans living in Germany, where…

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  • Raw Food Diet Essay

    on the raw food diet for dogs. The raw food diet is a controversial subject in some circles. This makes it a valuable study to learn what the raw food diet is. I will also look at what some of the reasons for switching to a raw food diet are and try to answer the question of whether this is a healthy alternative to conventional dog foods. Background The raw food diet was first proposed in 1993 by Dr. Ian Billinghust. He coined the acronym BARF. This stands for the Biologically Appropriate Raw…

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  • Fairlight Research Paper

    snorkeling, weddings, and swimming. Fairlight Beach is a must-see spot in Fairlight and is definitely a place where you will want to take pictures. It's the perfect beach for young children. • Manly Waterworks, a water slide park overlooking Manly Cove, is in Fairlight. This is the hotspot during school holidays, for tourists, and for birthday parties for the local families. • Manly Golf Club is in the borders of the Fairlight community. It provides its members and guests with 18 holes of…

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  • The Role Of Animals In Maus By Art Spiegelman

    In his graphic novel, “Maus”, Art Spiegelman tells a survivor’s tale of his father, Vladek Spiegelman. Valdek was a Jewish-Polish survivor of World War II. He endures many hardships as the graphic novel progresses, including but not limited to the loss of his first son, Richieu, numerous prison camps, and bankruptcy. However, what is unique about this graphic novel is the way it is illustrated—animals replace humans as the characters of the story. Jews are portrayed as mice, the Germans as cats,…

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  • Maus: A Survivor's Tale

    Maus explains the past and present story of Holocaust survivor Vladek Spiegelman. Art, his son, wrote this graphic novel to learn about his father’s experiences in the Holocaust. He depicts Jews as mice, Germans as cats, and Poles as pigs. It goes through Vladek’s whole journey from marrying his wife, Anja, to ending up in Auschwitz. In “Maus: A Survivor’s Tale”, by Art Spiegelman, the author shows through family relationships, not only the struggles and hardships that Vladek, the main…

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  • Stone Cold Research Paper

    “You can have a wrestling idea, but you need these momentum shifting moves.. We had the Hulkamania movement, then it shifted to the beer drinking, Stone Cold era. We reinvented the business with becoming the bad guy. What’s the next level?” (“Hulk Hogan’s Quotes”). This quote by former WWE wrestler Hulk Hogan illustrates the change of the wrestling industry. A man who was the accelerant to that change was “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Born in Austin Texas, Steve grew up in a low income family. He…

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  • Masculinity In Professional Wrestling

    Shally and Katz express struggles common to men such as good vs. evil, power vs. submissiveness, and work vs. ownership. Gender, like race and class, is a part of professional wrestling. Professional wrestling leaves little surprise that boys to act act masculine. As Katz says, “we get a very traditional and very conservative version of masculinity represented as an ideal of physical strength, the ability to control and scare other people, to intimidate, and especially to not back away from…

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  • Tecatebeer Wal Commercial Analysis

    Akira Matzuo Eng-105 October 25, 2016 Professor Brody Tecate Commercial Want to stop from losing millions of dollars before it happens? Many companies now usually make mistakes when trying to appeal to customers and they either work or end up losing millions. In the commercial “TecateBeerWall” you have a group of men meeting each other in the U.S.A/Mexico border and they talk about great wall, this magnificent wall and then say that the wall is Tecate beer wall and it will unite all of us…

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  • Dwayne Johnson Biography

    Dwayne “ The Rock” Johnson Dwayne “ The Rock” Johnson is a famous action movie star and a professional wwe wrestler. After he performs on live tv shows and he acts on movies like Fast and Furious, Hercules, and Tooth Fairy. One way the Rock also known as Dwayne Johnson influences me, is that he shows others to keep your head up and there is always a point where someone wanted to give up but he always says don’t give up. I respect the “Rock” because he left the wwe in wrestlemania 29 after he…

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