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  • Can Man Live Without God Summary

    Frederick Antony Ravi Kumar Zacharias, most known as Ravi Zacharias, was born in March 26, 1946 in India. He is a Canadian-American Christian apologist who defends the traditional evangelicalism. Famous for his writings and an author of many books, Zacharias’ book, Can Man Live Without God?, has won a Gold Medallion Book Award in the theology and doctrine category. His best sellers include Light in the Shadow of Jihad and The Grand Weaver. He is the founder and chairman of the board of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, host of the radio programs Let My People Think and Just Thinking. Regularly visiting Ridley Hall, Zacharias continues his studies of moralist philosophers and literature of the Romantic era, and has had six honorary doctoral degrees that include a Doctor of Laws…

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  • My Writing Class Analysis

    obscure. Madosini is from South Africa she sings “Yaka Yaka.” The song opens with someone playing an uhadi or the mhrubhe. They are a one string bowed instrument. A percussive instrument that sounds like a gourd is also played. There is an instrument that sounds like a metal plate being struck. When the singing starts, it is rhythmic. The emotion is somewhere between sadness and longing. I don’t know what the song is about. The background singers add to the feeling of longing in the music.…

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  • Hunting Tigers Out In Indiah Summary

    Tigers out in Indiah” is an interesting article that discusses the influence of Indian culture on music, particularly the Beatles music. As we learned, George Harrison was the Beatle most influenced by the Indian heritage, and he was the band member to incorporate the sitar into Beatle songs. The article discusses simple things like George going to a little convenience shop to purchase a cheap sitar, just to get accustom to the Indian instrument. Although the main focus was the Beatles, the…

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  • The Beatles Impact Essay

    who was most drawn to the spirituality of the people of India. In 1965, Harrison was first introduced and interested in Indian music when The Beatles were filming their second movie, “Help!” During the filming process, which took place in India, Harrison became interested in the sitar which led to meeting a famous Indian musician, Ravi Shankar. With the help of Shankar, Harrison was led to his infatuation w i t h I n d i a n c u l t u r e a n d H i n d u i s m . T h e B e a t l e s m e m b e r h…

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  • Doing The Right Thing Group Bible Study By Charles Colon

    it seems that many people in today’s culture, even “professing believers”, are putting their personal desires and conveniences above God’s Word. Furthermore, not only have my thoughts about the depravity of man and the sinfulness of our society been stirred, but also the exclusivity of the Christian faith being the one true faith. Ravi explained how Christianity is not the only exclusive faith but is the only one that possesses correspondence and coherence when referring to the origin,…

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  • Contradiction Between Evil And Evil

    But how can that be? Then morality is a product of one’s own mind. Harris admits that he cannot articulate his innate sense of the difference between right and wrong. That intuition toward morality could ever began from sheer matter and chemistry is totally illogical and defies reason. Zacharias states that when one claims that there is evil, then one can assume there is good. So therefore if one believes that there is good, then one must assume that there is a moral law by which one can…

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  • Barry Hill Teaching Faith In Schools Summary

    commitment, and allegiance. Hill acknowledges that faith comes as a gift from God and has an obvious correlation with “knowing God at a deep level” and actively doing His will (pg. 20). Trying to convey the manifestations of faith in schools the author claims that faith is complex and to explain it we must go well beyond just a summary of definitions. In this perspective, Hill attempts to describe faith as a hexagon with its six faces, which are: relationships, values, character, worldview,…

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  • Importance Of Educational Goals In Education

    workforce. To facilitate this goal, I plan to take full advantage of all the resources and education that CCU will offer. Furthermore, my goal is to absorb as much information as time and resources will allow, ask questions and evaluate the information that I acquire against real life scenarios that I have encountered in the work environment. This I would like to achieve by applying myself in every course I am enrolled in, implementing what I have learned successfully and, learning from…

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  • Intellectual Doubt Research Paper

    (Lewis, “Weight of Glory” pp. 26) Moral doubt is the hardest to overcome, but when we look at the infinite joy God offers us and compare that to our earthly desires, we can finally put our faith in Jesus. Intellectual doubt is mostly a cover up for our emotional scars and sin. As we see Augustine wrestle with Christianity, this becomes clear. Evidence for God is so overwhelming there is no excuse for anyone who does not believe. Once that excuse is removed, the true reasons for disbelief in…

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  • The Role Of Teenagers In The 50's

    record labels getting banned, and students getting expelled. Splish Splash was a song that was banned. Some influences were good. Chuck Berry influenced teens to follow their dreams. It caused unity between black and white people because they both recorded rock n roll songs. Clothing changed due to the freedom, previously parents dressed teens the same, boys wore high collared button up shirts, loafers, slacks and their hair slicked back. Girls wore plain or patterned long dresses, and their…

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