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  • Raymond Chandler: Hero Or Villain?

    hardships, incredibly, Raymond Chandler perpetuated his passion of writing, which led him to future success. In the Windy City, Chicago, Illinois, on July 23, 1888, Raymond Chandler was born into the Thornton-Chandler family. Subsequently, Raymond Chandler followed a path and became the first hard -boiled mystery writer, a quite popular style of the modern day suspenseful stories genre. Unfortunately, when he was young, Raymond Chandler’s parents separated. Thus, an adverse atmosphere surrounded Raymond Chandler as a child. After the divorce, Raymond Chandler’s father, Maurice Chandler, disappeared entirely. Even though the annulment of his parents was a disheartening time, Raymond Chandler believes he would not have…

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  • Film Noir: A Literary Analysis

    Cain’s Double Indemnity, both the authors use hard-boiled fictions to highlight the effect of corruption within Los Angeles to the characters’ actions and attitudes. Chandler and Cain use their protagonist’s detailed narration to show us their viewpoint of their society. Through their narration, we hear their side of the story and we tend to sympathize their actions despite their immoral conduct. The protagonists are portrayed as anti-heroes because they are not perfect and we see some of our…

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  • Philip Marlowe In Raymond Chandler's The High Window

    Raymond Chandler’s The High Window introduces Philip Marlowe as a private detective. Mrs. Murdock is in need of a private detective, and she heard Marlowe can get the job done. He is hired and his duty is to find Mrs. Murdock’s daughter-in-law, Linda, without anyone getting arrested. Linda has stolen one of the valuable coins that Mrs. Murdock’s deceased husband collected. Already the suspicion starts when Marlowe senses that Mrs. Murdock is not telling him the entire story; she doesn’t want her…

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  • Stylistic Analysis Of The Big Sleep

    The Big Sleep is an interesting novel by Raymond Chandler with many twists and turns throughout the entire plot, with an abrupt plot twist at the very end. The story is set in the in Los Angeles, California in the 1930s, from the point of view of Philip Marlowe, the protagonist. The basic plot of the entire story starts when a private detective, Philip Marlowe, gets hired by a wealthy man, General Sternwood, for a job, which involves the blackmailing of one of his two daughters, Vivian Regan.…

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  • Characteristics Of Femme Fatale

    4). In many film noir and hard-boiled fiction, there was usually always a protagonist, usually a male. This protagonist was the one who the femme fatale would try to manipulate. For example, Phillip Marlowe and Carmen in The Big Sleep or Walter Neff and Phyllis in Double Indemnity. On Crime Culture, it says how the femme fatale “is simply a sexual predator who tempts and weakens a male protagonist.” Using the example of Carmen lying naked in Marlowe’s bed shows how she tried to tempt the male…

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  • Analysis Of Trouble Is My Business By Philip Marlowe

    Philip Marlowe the Paradox of a Bachelor Raymond Chandler was a man of great talent. Chandler was a talented novelist. He created unique characters throughout his writings. One of his writings, “Trouble is my Business” is home to one of Chandler’s most famous creations. The famous Philip Marlowe. Philip Marlowe is a Los Angeles private investigator full of contradictions. Philip Marlowe illustrates the characteristics of a man who doesn’t like to show pain or fear, likes to stay away from…

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  • Male Fantasy In The Big Sleep And High Noon

    The American male fantasy is one that is often portrayed by the heroes in the books and films we watch. They tend to be strong, moral and exciting characters that men look up to. Therefore, these texts carry a lot of weight in terms of the reflection of society and the male perspective on life. Using the novel The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler and the film High Noon directed by Fred Zinnemann, this paper will argue that there are certainly element within the texts that both support and counter…

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  • Analysis Of Raymond Chandler's 'The Simple Art Of Murder'

    The hard-boiled detective, in noir tradition, is typically depicted as a lone wolf figure, one that upholds morality while balancing the corruption inherent in his line of work. He could be defined by his sexual potency, just as much as by his denial of pleasure. Raymond Chandler, in his 1950 essay, The Simple Art of Murder, outlines this archetype, with an authority appropriate to his foundational authorship. Chandler writes, “He talks as the man of his age talks, that is, with rude wit, a…

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  • Characteristics Of An Ideal Knight In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

    the traits of an ideal knight and then discuss the characteristics of an ideal knight as represented in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight while comparing and contrasting them to the characteristics of ideal knights in traditional texts. Quoting examples from the text, I will then discuss, analyze and come to a conclusion if Sir Gawain has been represented as an ideal knight in the 14th century poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. During the Middle Ages and in many Arthurian romances written…

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  • Dashiell Hammett's Use Of Corruption In The Movie Brick

    “Private Eye” or tough “Hard-boiled” private investigator detective fiction is the classification most dominated by American writers (Mansfield-Kelly 205). One of the founders and innovators of the private investigator is Dashiell Hammett. And is also “The most influential figure in the structuring of hard-boiled detective fiction,” (Mansfield-Kelly 229). He wrote the first tough-guy detective in “The Gutting of Couffignal”, named Continental OP and wrote The Maltese Falcon (Mansfield-Kelly…

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