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  • Self Marketing Research Paper

    Self-Marketing The idea of self-marketing gives an individual an opportunity to find a path or direction for their profession. The concept of this thought is to recognize that particular markets demand different advancement tactics. This acknowledgement will give a professional an indication on how to approach the job search. In addition, as a professional, one must consider every option to help them find the correct match or profession. Such appreciation is very important for all individuals, and their particular industries. The appropriate fit must be considered, this will allow the employee to strive and show high levels of dedication. These are examples of why self-marketing practices are very important. To get a better understanding of this process, this paper will focus on using Optimal resume, a comprehensive, web-based application that helps students and alumni create, present, and manage resumes (Colorado Mesa University, 2015). This web-site aids in teaching students the importance of self-marketing. Moving on, this project will focus on the use of Optimal resume and other tools to search for a career in health care administration and management for a future graduate. In addition, this paper will explore the results of job search, provide a summary of the findings, and assess the experience of practice interviews. The Results of the Job Search The results of the job search in this field were very impressive in many forms. To begin, the healthcare industry is one…

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  • Linkedin: Professional Analysis

    1. I am currently a Nutritional Sciences major that was seeking a career in pharmaceuticals for the past couple of semesters. My interest in this major slowly disappeared, I found myself to not really enjoy the type of classes involved and I realized that it just didn’t suit my preferences. I decided to look for a major that suited me better and involved classes that I fully understand and enjoy. I am now studying finance and business ownership. This field personally interests me because my…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Mock Interview

    One must always expect the unexpected. When I watched the Karate Kid, I never took into account that the meaning would impact my job career as much as it has. The beginnings of job searching is fun and exciting. I was optimistic and thought every place I applied for would call me for an interview or the position. Needless to say, I was wrong. The job seeking experience is now one that I do not look forward to at all. In fact, I dread job searching, but due to my recent enlightenment on…

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  • Comfort Keepers: A Short Story

    I waited with my cellphone in hand as one, two, three rings, and finally…“Hey Lily!” a familiar voice greeted, his tone friendly and confident as always. In the background, one could hear the quiet rumble of his car as he made his way from work, back home to his family. I couldn’t help but smile as I responded back. I was excited to be talking with a close family friend again, and he was one who always kept the conversation intellectual, yet stimulating. Every time we talked, his discussions…

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  • How Did Akhenaten Change Egypt

    Nile Valley. When building his city of Amarna, Akhenaten, like his father and other kings before him, followed the basic city structure present through Egypt. Two of the three main buildings in Amarna’s city centre were temples to the Aten - the Great and Small Aten Temples. The inclusion of primarily religious structures in the centre of Amarna indicates that Akhenaten wanted to demonstrate to Egypt the significance of devotion to the Aten. Some of the works constructed by Amenhotep at Luxor…

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  • Residential Assistant Reflection

    My first semester as a Residential Assistant has been an overall interesting, challenging, and defining experience, to say the least. Traversing through the early stages of the position, such as move-in, training, and meeting my residents, couldn’t have prepared me enough for the amazing experience that I have had thus far. Although I’ve had conversations with friends currently and previously in the position, and have had my own past experiences with RAs, I genuinely did not know what to expect…

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  • The Importance Of Ethics In Ancient Egypt, Rome, And The Roman Republic

    level were shaped in some ways by their respective religions, though to varying and differing degrees. The most important concept of Egyptian ethics was that of ma ’at. Ma ‘at was very important to the Egyptian religion, as she was both a goddess and the abstract concept of harmony, which was the driving force of Egyptian ethics. Ma ‘at was the feather that the Egyptian soul was weighed against to determine if the soul would enter heaven, or be fed to the devourer. Ma ‘at is about…

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  • Essay On Egypt Religion

    souls succeeded it will face last challenge - the judgment of Osiris in the Hall of Maats. Where the heart of the deceased would be weighed on the scale against the picture of the truth. If you lived a good life at the Earth, the scale would balanced and the perfect future awaits you. But if the scale will fail to balance the devouter will destroy your soul and you will be dead forever. Once the soul successfully passed through the twelve gates and Maat Hall judgment it will reach the final…

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  • Ancient Speos Cave

    As long as Egypt contains many areas that full of mountains, normally we found caves inside. The ancient Egyptians progressively enhanced these natural existed caves until they were buildings altogether, or until they appeared as buildings carved into the solid rock. The Egyptians used these caves in their worship. The god in the ordinary city-temples repeated the First Time when god emerged from the waters of chaos on the primeval mound. However, in the cave-shrine resembles the womb from which…

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  • Theories Of Dramatism

    fun, healthy and safe college experience. As an RA, there are several meetings and events that one has to attend and plan, including a weekly module meeting, small group meetings with other RA and larger group meetings with all Residence Life staff. We also are required to plan monthly events for our residents that promote holistic wellness. Because RA’s are representatives of the university in multiple forms, we have to participate…

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