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  • Traditional Greek Dance

    Dance, a five-letter world, yet with powerful meaning. What is dance and what kind of forms can it get? Dance, the movement of the body in a rhythmic way, usually to music and within a given space, for the purpose of expressing an idea or emotion, releasing energy, or simply taking delight in the movement itself. Among other forms, dance can get two main ones, folk and social pattern. Folk dances are produced by individuals that mirror the life of the general population of a specific nation or region. The expressions ethnic and traditional are utilized when it is required to accentuate the cultural foundations of the dance. Social dance is that category of dances that have a social function and context. Additionally, Social dances are generally…

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  • Earl Mosley Dance Analysis

    Diversity of Dance Santa Fe College’s Fine Arts department presented Earl Mosley’s Diversity of Dance on Thursday, October 27th at 8 pm. I had the pleasure of attending this amazing performance at Santa Fe College, in the Fine Arts hall, which set the tone with its beautiful ambience. Arriving ten minutes early allowed me to look over the program and get ready for the curtains to open. Each performance was unique and I look forward to speaking about each of them. The First dance was Oh My…

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  • Personal Reflection On A Phi Slam Event

    On September 9th I attended a Phi Slam event called Kaleidoscopic Color-Dressed Chromatic Dance Fest. This was a social dance event that is completely dry and it is essentially a giant dance party. The guys in Phi Slam, which is a Christian organization that is similar to a fraternity but they do not do typical frat things such as drinking, hazing or smoking, set up the event. Phi Slam has events just like fraternities and sororities do. This event was just one of the many events they put on…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Oxycontin

    marketing claim as OxyContin is just as addictive as heroin and provides virtually the same effects. However, no one from their company went to prison while Purdue Pharma was only fined $635 million in 2007. Again, those penalties represent a small portion of the proceeds from their crimes as OxyContin accounted for roughly 90% of Purdue Pharma’s profits and they sold $3.1 billion of OxyContin in 2010. Predictably, Purdue Pharma received such a mild penalty seemingly due to political…

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  • Mambo And Salsa Dance

    Two well-known dances associated with Puerto Rico and Cuban culture are Mambo and Salsa. These dances are known for their rhythmic music, intricate timing, and both made it to the United States’ culture. Although the two dances share some similar characteristics, there are prominent differences as well. Mambo was a popular dance found in the Palladium Ballroom in New York City during the 1950s. The dance incorporated African influences such as the use of polyrhythm in the hips and pelvis…

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  • Business Relationship Gone Sour: A Case Study

    How to Restore a Business Relationship Gone Sour Initiating, developing and managing a strategic partnership can be an immensely challenging endeavor; one that most business owners are simply not prepared to engage. With all of the effort that has to be invested into building the ideal strategic alliance, it is of the utmost importance to manage it effectively. Due to the intricate details that go into selecting the right partner and nurturing the relationship, it is recommended that business…

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  • Essay On Double Standard

    the fact that no matter what a number of sexual partners one may have, there is a double standard. Being a male, one would be considered a “stud” for being able to attract multiple sexual partners, while a female will be deemed a “slut”. This social phenomenon of the double standard of name calling to degrade one person with harsh words due to her actions as her male counterpart receives praise. This situation will lead on a to a debate on whether society is taking action into ending this social…

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  • Funk Music Analysis

    embracing both the performers’ and audiences energies. Funk emphasized dancing and how it further expressed implicit meanings not always explicitly understood through the lyrics. Funk music opened the door for a particular subculture, black youth, to take their form of dance expression and broadcast it across the United States through the culturally important program Soul Train. In particular, the importance of individual, creative dance broke the mold of many of the dancing trends in music that…

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  • Ballroom Dance Observation

    It was not until one of the actual dancers from the Ballroom Dance Club approached me and said, “Do you want to learn?” I found the courage to say, “Yes.” So, she pulled me into a corner of the Great Hall and we began…

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  • Reflection Paper: A Beneficial Dance Class

    A Beneficial Dance Course at YVHS How does building self-esteem and social skills, reducing stress, improving relaxations, strengthening the mind and body, controlling body weight, and being ecstatic sound? All of these benefits mentioned can be met by Yucca Valley High School introducing a dance class to its curriculum as an option for an elective. This course would provide adequate exercise, strong socialization skills, plentiful health benefits for everyone, and knowledge about personal…

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