Earl Mosley Dance Analysis

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Diversity of Dance Santa Fe College’s Fine Arts department presented Earl Mosley’s Diversity of Dance on Thursday, October 27th at 8 pm. I had the pleasure of attending this amazing performance at Santa Fe College, in the Fine Arts hall, which set the tone with its beautiful ambience. Arriving ten minutes early allowed me to look over the program and get ready for the curtains to open. Each performance was unique and I look forward to speaking about each of them. The First dance was Oh My Love, which seemed to be lyrical or modern. There was eight dancers, equally men and women. The dance was mainly partner work which I enjoyed because it was very passionate as they move as one and come together in embrace. The costumes for this dance fit …show more content…
The formations in this dance were extremely memorable, they all joined in a circle and moved across the stage as one. In this performance the lighting changed and moved with the dancers, it was not distracting or took away from them. I believe the dancers all worked together nicely in this dance and I could tell they all trained hard for this piece. After intermission there was a dance that was delightful. Gravity, was a duet with a beautiful couple that executed every move perfect. The dancers glided across the stage like a feather floating in the wind. They each had their own individuality and the music helped portray a love story. I believe they work well together and may have been partners for quite some time now. A Father’s Love was a duet and I believe it was contemporary. The passion in this dance was felt and it was almost like they were long for each other. As the male dancer set the woman down on the floor she was unbreakable and held her pose. I could feel her pain in this dance she never wanted to leave him and stayed where she was until he came back for her. The performance was pretty yet very strong, some of the movements seemed very intricate and I am glad this piece was presented

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