Personal Reflection On A Phi Slam Event

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On September 9th I attended a Phi Slam event called Kaleidoscopic Color-Dressed Chromatic Dance Fest. This was a social dance event that is completely dry and it is essentially a giant dance party. The guys in Phi Slam, which is a Christian organization that is similar to a fraternity but they do not do typical frat things such as drinking, hazing or smoking, set up the event. Phi Slam has events just like fraternities and sororities do. This event was just one of the many events they put on throughout the year. There is an apartment complex called Pine View where all the Phi Slam and other Christian community people (and a few normal, non-Christians) live together. All of the people who live in Pine View were at the event, as well as people …show more content…
and we got there about ten minutes early. They did not let us into the second room, which was the “dance floor”, until a little before nine thirty. There was a tunnel-like walkway before we got to the dance floor. The tunnel was slightly elevated so that one could not see anything until half way down. Once I could see, I was blinded by a twenty-foot DJ stand that was emitting smoke, rainbow colors, and strobe lights. I then looked down in order to not become disoriented by the lights and I realized that this “dance floor” consisted of just a muddy pit that had a minimal amount grass. Because of this, everyone left the event with brown/orange tinted shoes from the mud on the ground. So once we finally got into the smoke-filled room with blinding lights, there was music playing very loud. The DJ was positioned high above the crowd, so it was hard to see him from where I was positioned. He played a lot of songs currently playing on the radio and hit songs that everyone would know. One of the keys to social dance, I think, is to play songs that the large majority of the crowd knows, so that they are able to sing and dance more easily because they are familiar with the music. A medley of Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Closer, and various other top of the chart songs were

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