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  • Imagery In The Great Gatsby

    Imagery is a vital component to any successful and popular literary work. By using his imagistic style, Fitzgerald brought the setting of The Great Gatsby to life. This descriptive language not only brought the novel to life, but also helped establish certain motifs in key points of the story. The diction that Fitzgerald applies allows the reader to mentally reach a new level of understanding of The Great Gatsby. When combined, these techniques allow Fitzgerald to explore and convey different atmospheres, different societies, and different worlds. At the beginning of the novel, Nick is exposed to a sense of wonder when he visits the Buchanan’s palace for the first time. It is otherworldly, alluring, and sensual. The front of the house is described as cheerful and inviting. Even though Nick has yet to step foot inside, the palace screams of beautiful arrogance and old money. The curtains fluttering around the room when Nick sees Daisy and Jordan makes it seem as if Nick has just landed on a different universe. His reaction to the house further shows how fantastical it must be. A house so beautiful implies sweet innocence, but the Buchanan palace secretly holds scandalous secrets, even if they have yet to be exposed. During dinner, the mood changes from cheerful to tense. The house seems to close in tighter as the evening progresses, as if it is dying to showcase its secrets. The bright lighting slowly diminishes, leaving candles to light their evening. These candles also…

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  • The Great Gatsby Reflection Essay

    Many people see me as one of the greatest American authors of all time because of my novel; The Great Gatsby. It wasn’t until when I attended Princeton University that I was exposed to the social scene, and when I first discovered my passion for creative writing. Here is when I first started writing musicals for the school, humorous articles in my University’s newspaper, and stories for the Nassau Literary Magazine. Although, my passion came to a halt when I decided to end my schooling in…

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  • Gatsby American Dream Flaws

    Many people in the world see the American Dream as something unrealistic. In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald all the characters fail to accomplish what they perceive as the American Dream. The novel takes place during the 1920s in New York and is narrated by the character Nick, who is moving from the Midwest to a place called West Egg. He lives across from East Egg, which is where his cousin Daisy and her husband Tom live. When Nick goes over there for dinner one night, we learn that Tom…

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  • The Past In The Great Gatsby

    In Great Gatsby, all of the characters are left to contend with the past especially Mr. Gatsby himself who has a particularly intriguing past. In terms of Gatsby’s past, all remains a mystery but one simple fact : Gatsby may be filthy rich now, but has not always been. Gatsby's so-called overnight success leads the aristocrats of East Egg to believe Mr. Gatsby was involved in crimes like “bootlegging” in order to attain such money. Whether or not Gatsby was explicitly involved in crime, the…

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  • Abuse Of Social Class In The Great Gatsby

    In the novel, The Great Gatsby life in 1920 is exposed in various ways by the author. The writer explains that the story occurs in New York City proceeding World War I. Naturally the character lived in a time portrayed with alcohol probation with illegal ratification of sales and purchases. Granted, living there exhibited the social status of the culture and the importance of why the division of neighborhoods existed. Each area named by usage of word egg to signify who is wealthy East Eggers,…

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  • Prince Prospero's Life And Death Analysis

    What is the plot of this story? Use your own words to summarize the plot in one thorough paragraph: The plot of the story is about a prince named Prince Prospero. Prince Prospero was a very rich man. There was a illness spreading rapidly throughout their town killing everyone. The illness was called the red death and was described as fatal and hideous. The Prince thought the only escape from the red death was to lock himself away in his castle with many of his friends. To pass time they drank…

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  • Differences And Similarities Between The Great Gatsby And Roxie

    Gustavo E. Gonzalez P/6 English Essay The fate of two Stories are intertwined with each other with the core aspect of corruption with money and Greed. Gatsby and Roxie both reach for their goals, with only one of them actually making it. In The Great Gatsby, Gatsby’s goal is to get back Daisy, however, In Chicago, Roxie’s goal is to reach stardom. However far apart these two goals are, the means to get them are similar, money. Both Gatsby and Roxie don’t achieve their dream, they…

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  • American Dream In The Great Gatsby Analysis

    American dream refers to a dream of someone who starting low in the social and economic level, then he or she working hard towards wealth, fame and success. This dream can be described as a materialism pursuit of pleasure as it is only achieved when a person successfully having a fancy car, a lot of money, luxurious house, happy wealthy family, fame and nice clothes. However, in order to achieve this dream, most of the character in The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald has turns to be someone…

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  • A Commentary On Greed In Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby

    Jay Gatsby: A Commentary on Greed The novel, The Great Gatsby, contains several full and dynamic characters, that represent more than just a person within a story, they also express Fitzgerald’s opinions. Jay Gatsby, the main character in the book, aids Fitzgerald’s commentary on the toxic greed that comes through the acquisition of wealth, amongst other things. Looking at Gatsby’s behavior, past, and hopes, provides a lense that accentuates the detrimental effects of the many different types of…

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  • The Power Of Love In The Great Gatsby

    With the power of wealth, an individual can try to win over their love but will fail in the end. The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, talks about the West Egg and East Egg in the luxurious time of the 1920’s. The novel revolves around the mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby and his love for Daisy Buchanan. This forbidden love is able to portray Fitzgerald’s message in the novel that money can buy an individual popularity in society but not sacrificial love. In society, money cannot…

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