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  • Analysis Of Frank Romero's 'Going To The Olympics'

    In the mural the very first thing that people would see would be the cars themselves, since the mural is relatively tall and is located on the side of a freeway which allows the drivers passing by to relate to the art piece, this in the end evokes the idea that this metropolitan city of Los Angeles is a haven town and should be recognized as a very beautiful city. Cars are a very important way of life here in the modern era, especially in a huge city such as this, and providing the audience with dynamic colors and a pristine and relatable setting really does set the bar for what and how the city of Los Angeles is defined. Though a big indicator of the car culture that exists in the big metropolitan city of Los Angeles in the mural would be the hearts situated on top of each car and the diversity of cars found in the painting each with its own unique color. However it can be said that the mural does not focus entirely on the cars, but on the spirit of the Angelenos. Which can be refuted by the fact that this mural was painting on the side of a freeway and was intentionally made to be viewed by the drivers which only reinforces the car culture that exists there. All in all, the mural 's contents can infer that Los Angeles holds the title of having the biggest car culture in the world and should be recognized for…

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  • My Path To Graduation Analysis

    What do I want to be when I grow up? Am I doing what I really want to do for the rest of my life? Is being a youth pastor my calling in life? Did I make the right choice to come to seminary? Why am I forcing myself to go to church? Why am I dragging myself to finish seminary? These were some of the questions that I struggle to answer throughout my four years in seminary. As a pastor’s child without a direction and purpose, I was pushed into attending Fuller Theological Seminary right…

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  • Texas Road Congestion

    As a conclusion for this data, not only does that mean more people in our region but it also means more car on the roads. (Mac Churchill) The population rate is higher than the roads, which means more cars, more congestion and traffic on the highways and alternative roads. The population in Texas keeps growing and growing. This is due to a lot of job opportunities that the states offers. But this also brings the issue that most of the jobs are in the urban area, downtowns. This causes the…

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  • Why People Drive America

    In this book by tom Vanderbilt he gives an insight into the reasons people drive a certain way and how do those correlate to the amount of traffic people deal with every day. The psychology of the population is one of the biggest reasons that they drive a certain way. Everyone drives differently and they believe they are the best drivers even if their driving record doesn’t agree with them. He uses the help of many different engineers, physicist and psychologist form all around the world, in his…

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  • William Bonin The Freeway Killer

    William Bonin, also known as “The Freeway Killer”, is classified as a serial killer. One way to describe him as a serial killer is as a homosexual rapist. Bonin was a resident of the state of California, and has raped and murdered 14 teenagers. He committed his 1st rape crime in 1972 and went on until 1980, the year he was arrested. He was sentenced to death and died of lethal injection in 1996. On August 5, 1979, the defendant and co-defendant Butts accosted Marcus Grabs, 17, in Newport Beach…

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  • Essay On Bus Ride

    A Ride Through American Society America’s society has developed and shaped itself into a diverse country in terms of race and social class. My bus trip in my hometown of Pasadena, CA proved to be no different as I rode through a variety of areas, such as wealthy, middle-class, and low-income neighborhoods. My bus ride through Pasadena and parts of Altadena has taught me several things about modern American society. One of the biggest and most noticeable things was how much religion has…

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  • Dead On Arrival Analysis

    He urged my siblings and I to get up. We all gathered around the family room half asleep hearing how our mother was in a fatal motorcycle accident. She was on the freeway coming home when the bike began to accelerate from 50-100 miles per hour within 3 to 5 minutes because the throttle got stuck. She tried to clutch and turn it off but it wouldn 't work. Then she tried to turn the key off and it wouldn 't work either. So she then got off the freeway where she could get to a back street so she…

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  • Scott Cameron Case Study

    Since then, there have been over three hundred PGA Tour victories and thirty-six major championship victories. The major golf tournaments are: The Masters, The U. S. Open, The British Open, and The PGA Championship (Tour Victories). This innumerable amount of players and their accomplishments, that does not even include other, still very popular, professional tours, do all the advertising for Scotty Cameron. Scotty Cameron and his company rely on the player’s success to showcase the equipment in…

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