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  • My Path To Graduation Analysis

    What do I want to be when I grow up? Am I doing what I really want to do for the rest of my life? Is being a youth pastor my calling in life? Did I make the right choice to come to seminary? Why am I forcing myself to go to church? Why am I dragging myself to finish seminary? These were some of the questions that I struggle to answer throughout my four years in seminary. As a pastor’s child without a direction and purpose, I was pushed into attending Fuller Theological Seminary right after I finished my undergraduate degree at the University of California, San Diego at the age of 21. I was hired as a junior high pastor a week after I was accepted into the seminary at a Korean American church located in Fullerton where the senior pastor was the friend of my dad. I honestly had no clue what I was doing; I did not have any experience in preaching, organizing retreats, leading and training teachers, etc. At the moment, I was excited for I believed that this was my calling. However, everything started to change as the time went by. The life of a youth pastor was difficult; many of the friends that I had in college started to draw a line saying that they do not like to hang out with a youth pastor. It is in a Korean culture where a pastor is seen as holy and righteous. I knew that I did not belong in this category; I was being judged for every action that I took and words that I said. I started to have two separate lives like a hypocrite. I was proclaiming the word…

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  • Analysis Of Frank Romero's 'Going To The Olympics'

    In Frank Romero 's mural, "Going to the Olympics, 1984," it consists of five cars driving in a single file line towards the 1984 Olympics that was held in Los Angeles with hearts appearing above each vehicle, two gentlemen are wrestling in the sky next to a blimp that says "a good year" on it and a horse. The corner of the mural has a stamp on it and on the other side what looks to be an iron. The backdrop is saturated with Los Angeles trademark palm trees under the orange sky. The hearts…

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  • Pasadena Adult Day Health Care Center Case Study

    Pasadena Adult Day Health Care Center is a for profit organization that was founded on October 9, 2014. The location of our facility is within a banquet hall of a Western Dioceses Church of Northern America, known as St. Gregory Church. On the same property of our facility is a grade school, known as St. Gregory School. Our ADHC will have a religious emphasis and will have multigenerational communication with the grade school. The address of our Adult Day Health Care Center is 2215 East Colorado…

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  • Foul Play Case Study

    He was found by Pasadena Paramedics #36 Paz unresponsive sitting on a chair in the bedroom of his residence. He had a history of several medical problems. There were no obvious signs of foul play. INVESTIGATION: On 09-30-16 at approximately 1139 hours, Officer Harrell #3441 and I were dispatched to the Rosewood Court located at 1888 N. Fair Oaks Avenue regarding a person found deceased at the above residence. Dispatch stated Pasadena Paramedics were on scene. Upon our arrival, Pasadena…

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  • My Small Town Analysis

    Elizabeth SoldwedelMrs. McWatersEnglish 101 21 September 2017Diagnostic Essay Most of my memories I made in my small town were only about unexciting school and dumb sport related things, nothing I can remember built character or could teach someone something about me. Throughout most of my childhood in Oregon, my parents were always busy working, and I hardly saw them. I became extremely independent at a young age and never relied on them for anything. The only time we were together was when…

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  • Jackie Robinson's Overcoming Obstacles

    Jackie Robinson was born January 31st, 1919. He has four siblings, one sister and 3 brothers. Jackie Robinson married Rachel Robinson in 1946. Jackie was born in Cairo, Georgia. Jackie became the first black player in the major leagues. Jackie signed with the Brooklyn Dodgers. Jackie’s last appearance at a baseball game was October 10, 1956. He has 137 home runs and his batting average is .311. Jackie was born into a poor family. He was the youngest of the five. Jackie went to John Muir High…

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  • Essay On Bus Ride

    A Ride Through American Society America’s society has developed and shaped itself into a diverse country in terms of race and social class. My bus trip in my hometown of Pasadena, CA proved to be no different as I rode through a variety of areas, such as wealthy, middle-class, and low-income neighborhoods. My bus ride through Pasadena and parts of Altadena has taught me several things about modern American society. One of the biggest and most noticeable things was how much religion has…

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  • Crystal Methamphetamine Case Study Examples

    The glass pipes are commonly used to smoke crystal methamphetamine. I collected the crystal methamphetamine, glass pipes and Douglas Andrew Schulte’s property as evidence. Sergeant Lomeli #5315 was advised and approved the arrest of Suspect Meretta and Suspect Winter. Meretta had a California Driver’s license in her possession. I cited and released Meretta in the field for H&S 11364(a)- Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (Citation #C423952). Meretta is scheduled to appear at the Pasadena Court…

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  • Homelessness Detection Essay

    Therefore, Mayor Eric Garcetti and Peter Lynn, the homeless authority’s executive director said that most of the increases that happened in the last few years was compelled by homeless people who were younger than 25, there were about 3% who were younger homeless people in the population. In 2016, the crisis starts getting better as the day passes by in Pasadena since homeless count had started reducing. In 2016, Pasadena homeless count was declined by 16%. Therefore, Mayor decided to extend on…

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  • Encountering Navas Case Study

    INTRODUCTION: This case involved Benito Navas being a danger to himself and others. Navas was transported to the Huntington Memorial Hospital Emergency Room, where he was placed on a WIC 5150 hold. INVESTIGATION: On 11-02-17 at approximately 0955 hours, I was dispatched to 175 N. Garfield Avenue (Hale Building), regarding a mental health evaluation. PPD Dispatch advised a male, NFD was seen yelling at staff members and causing a disturbance inside of the above location. Navas was reportedly…

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