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  • Canine Parvovirus Enteritis

    Canine parvovirus (CPV) enteritis is a common cause of acute, severe gastroenteritis in young dogs. Dogs at greatest risk are less than 6 months of age and either unvaccinated or incompletely vaccinated for canine parvovirus. Dogs vaccinated with over-the-counter vaccines also appear to have a higher incidence of parvovirus likely due to ineffective vaccine or improper use. Early clinical signs of parvovirus enteritis include anorexia, lethargy, diarrhea and vomiting. Parvovirus enteritis has a survival rate of 85-90% with aggressive treatment and recovery generally occurs in 3-7 days. For patients who do not receive aggressive and appropriate treatment, the mortality rates increase substantially. Death is generally due to sepsis and/or dehydration.…

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  • Arguments Against Animal Testing Essay

    Cats now have a treatment for Feline Leukemia (Pro-Test). Breakthrough’s to profit the life of animals though animal testing has in return made for overall healthier house pets. It 's obvious that animal research doles all living species and that we are all able to live longer, healthier, happier lives because of it (Pro-Test). An example of animal testing benefiting animals is, “In 1978, there was a sudden, worldwide outbreak of a virus among dogs which caused vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration…

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  • Parvovirus Research Paper

    becomes exposed upon entry of the endosome allowing phospholipase A2 to be synthesized and the virus to enter the cytoplasm (7). The next step in host cell infection is for the virus to enter the nucleus. In order for FPV to replicate inside the host cell, it must first gain access to the nucleus, which is guarded by the nuclear envelope. Evidence suggests that the virus enters the nucleus with its capsid protein still intact, so there must be a viral mechanism that breaks down the nuclear…

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  • Rubella Syndrome Research Paper

    Signs and Symptoms German measles is a viral infection most distinguished by a red rash that appears all over the body. Commonly known in the United States as rubella, it is one form of the measles virus. Generally a mild febrile viral disease it is identified by its maculopapular rash. Rubella can be difficult to diagnose due to symptoms similar to that of dengue, scarlet fever, measles, parvovirus, and the herpes 6 virus amongst others. Children often times do not present symptoms,…

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  • Puppy Vaccination Research Paper

    tract, liver damage and kidney failure. Parainfluenza Parainfluenza is an extremely contagious form of kennel cough. It's usually transmitted via physical contact with an infected dog, although it can also become airborne and be transmitted that way. Parvo Virus The Parvo virus is highly contagious. It's a viral disease that's spread through contact. Parvo is particularly dangerous to puppies and young dogs and can often be fatal if it's left untreated. Puppy Vaccinations Schedule Your puppy…

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  • Summary: The Importance Of Prenatal Care

    Some infections that I found online include but are not limited to: Bacterial vaginosis (BV), Cytomegalovirus, Listeriosis, Parvovirus B19 (fifth disease), and Toxoplasmosis. The infection that I found the most frightening is Group B strep (GBS). GBS, found in healthy women’s rectum and/or vagina, does not have any obvious symptoms and without the proper care this infection can be fatal for the baby during childbirth. In a article about pregnancy it is said…

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  • Animal Testing Is Cruel And Inhumane

    percent of DNA. (Harden) Cows share 85 percent of DNA with humans. With that much genetic similarities why not try it and see. We will never know anything unless we try it. Nobody wants to volunteer their own babies for medical testing because that is inhumane. We just have to do what is best for everyone and that isn’t do away with animal testing. It gives us advantages. If scientists use animals for testing we can get closer and closer in developing new drugs and curing more and more…

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  • Poliyarteritis Nodosa Case Study

    temperature 37.2 and respiratory rate of 18 with no localized and generalized lymphadenopathy. On genital examination no swelling was seen, but right testis was tender to touch and with no change in pain intensity on raising the right testis. Initial work up included a white blood cell count of 4.9 K /L (82% neutrophils), hemoglobin of 11.7 g/dL, and 141 K/_L platelets. Urine analysis indicated 5-10 white blood cells per high-power field with mild proteinuria. Blood chemistries were normal with…

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  • Ethical Ethics Of Henrietta Lacks

    cervical cancer. She endured radiation and drug therapy for a year. Her treatment was received at John Hopkins in a location that only colored people were placed. One tumor sample that was taken from Mrs. Lacks was sent for biopsy, and the other was sent to a researcher by the name of Dr. George Gey. Her cells were the first to survive and grow in a lab (Dahlgren & Duster, 2017). Henrietta’s extracted tumor cells called HeLa cells were grown to multiply the strain and then sold to labs…

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  • Essay Against Animal Testing

    the animals themselves. On the other hand, a better option is non-animal testing, including “cell-based tests” or “using human blood cells.” For example, “animal testing for Chromosome toxicity can cost up to $30,000 alternatives is a better option because it saves you up $10,000 in taxpayers expense.” states Humane Society International. It improves the quality of humaneness in science, more economical, and effective. On the contrary, others believe that animals themselves benefit from animal…

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