Party leaders of the United States Senate

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  • Government Shutdown

    the budget if the Affordable Care Act is affected. Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, stated “I want to be absolutely crystal clear: Any bill that defunds Obamacare is dead, dead.” After two whole day of back-and-forth between the House and Senate, on Tuesday, October first two-thousand thirteen, at one in the morning the Federal government shutdown. As a result, eight-hundred thousand federal employees were placed on furlough, mandatory time off without pay, indefinitely. Over one million federal employees were forced to show up to work without knowing when they will get paid, theses employees worked for services that were deemed essential, medicare, mail delivery, tax collection and the military, all other federal services were shut down. These conditions lasted until Thursday, October seventeenth two-thousand thirteen. In the end, the republicans had to give in due to the inability to fund another day of the Federal Government. With a Senate vote of…

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  • The Role Of The Minority Party In Congress

    The minority party in Congress has a main goal of becoming the majority. They are known of having opposing views of the majority party. Other goals the minority party has is influencing policy, protect official rights and powers, and to attain party integration. The minority party in the House of Representatives has a minority leader who meets with the majority leader to discuss prevalent issues in the country; they usually work very close to one another. The job of minority whip is to maintain…

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  • Analyze The Differences Between The House Of Representatives And The Senate

    the government into the executive, legislative and judicial branches. The United States government is considered a republic, where law rules instead of the majority rules democracy to make sure people are afforded equal protection under the law and protected against oppression from its ruler. The legislative branch is an important part of the republic in laying down the power to collect taxes, impose laws, pay debts, impeach government officials, and the overall economic welfare of the United…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Margaret Chase Smith's Declaration Of Conscience

    led by the Senate accusing innocent citizens of supporting communism, which ruined the careers and lives of many. The Republican minority attacked the Democratic administration during this movement, criticizing the government for its lack of strong leadership. In her “Declaration of Conscience,” Margaret Chase Smith pressures the current administration to improve its leadership through the use of emotional appeals, anaphora, and ethos. Firstly, Smith employs emotional appeals in order to…

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  • Compare And Contrast Senate And House Of Representative

    approved position that I choose to compare and contrast are Senate and House OF Representative. Senate and House of Representative are the house of US congress. The Senate and House of Representative plays vital role in constitution because they both have to approve to make a law in US. Senate is long term than House of Representative, but the member are more in House of Representative. They both have some similarities and some differences, but one thing they both do together is Senate and House…

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  • The Three Stages Of The Electoral College

    Concerned that voters would not have the proper judgement to make a selection of the next chief executive, in 1787, the founding fathers created the “Electoral College”. The Electoral College consists of 538 electors. The electors (Political Elites) are the heads of the Electoral College. The qualifications of electors is supported by Article 2, Section 1. This article states that holding the office of trust shall be appointed by an elector. Each state is assigned the number of electors, which…

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  • Time For New Beginnings By John Boeehner Analysis

    potentials are endless. This is true especially for those living in the united state of America. With a sheer will and dedication there is hardly anything knowing to mankind that cannot be accomplished in this great country. Some may spend countless hours and years pondering about the greatness of America, particularly seeking to find out what makes America great. Some say America is great because of its people, which certainly true, for without a strong group of people a nation can hardly…

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  • House Of Commons Party Roles

    Comparing party roles in the UK House of Commons and U.S. Congress During my research of comparing the party roles of the UK House of Commons and the U.S. Congress, I found a variety of differences between the two bodies of government. I found many of the difference by researching the histories of both the House of Commons and U.S. Congress. I various research tools that I used included websites, books, class material and encyclopedias. My goal for this essay is to describe, in the…

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  • Essay On Legislative Branch

    The legislative branch of the government is given the power to make laws in the United States. In addition to this, it is given many other powers to help balance the amount of power between all of the branches of government. For example if the president vetoes a bill to be thrown out, they have the right to over rule this with a two thirds vote. They may also have the president removed from office by impeachment if deemed necessary. They also control the funding needed for any executive action…

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  • Antonin Scalia Pros And Cons

    Antonin Scalia was a very respected leader in his line of work. He was known as a conservative Republican who shared his transformative theories, writing, his unique personality and opinions. Scalia was known as an originalist and a believer in the living constitution. Scalia’s brilliant views made him the leader of the conservative intellectual renaissance in his three decades on the supreme court. Antonin Gregory Scalia was appointed to the court by President Ronald Reagan in 1986, as the…

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