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  • History Of Dive Bombing

    the time-- the Junkers Ju 87, the Aichi D3A, and the Douglas SBD Dauntless. Dive bombing is not an elegant matter--no graceful dogfights to elegize, no spellbinding acrobatics to behold-- and the Junker Ju 87 is not an elegant aircraft. Its more common name is Stuka, short for perfectly German term Sturzkampfflugzeug, which simply means “dive bomber,” and the Ju 87 really was the definitive dive bomber for the Luftwaffe. The fixed undercarriage protrudes like a harpy’s outstretched talons, and the sharply cranked wing evokes not the soaring hawk but rather the menacing vulture, looming over soon-dead prey-- a fittingly morbid analogy if there has ever been one. Although underpowered and ungainly compared to contemporary fighters, the Ju 87 had excellent handling characteristics in a dive, being one of the few aircraft that could consistently perform a 90-degree approach without losing control. To exit from this potentially blackout-inducing dive, the Ju 87 included a unique pull-out mechanism, which upon release of ordinance would automatically pull the plane up and out of the dive. Although the Stuka was verging on obsolescence from the moment major Allied powers entered the war, a combination of upgrades and necessity kept it in service for the conflict’s entire duration without a true replacement. The Aichi D3A faced a similar predicament to the Stuka. The plane was mechanically subpar from the moment it was first used in anger. The D3A shared the hindrances of…

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  • Oligopoly Industry Analysis

    The automotive industry is dominated by five key players General Motors, Chrysler, Ford Motor Co, Toyota Motor Co, and Honda Motor Co. The majority of the markets shares are divided up respectively between these five giants. This makes this industry an oligopoly, since not one company has full control over the market. When talking about the way profits are measure we turn to the GDP. The GDP, gross domestic product, is the total market value of all goods and service summed together in the course…

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  • Infamy Speech Before Pearl Harbor

    Japanese came up with was to invade Pearl Harbor by air and drop bombs on anything that could be used to stop Japan. In the first wave Japan sent out 49 Kate bombers which were equipped with armor-piercing bombs aimed to take out destroyers and aircraft carries. The second type of plane released was 40 BSN bombers. These were strapped with torpedoes, also aimed to take out battleship and destroyers. In the second group was 51 Aichi D3A fighter planes. The difference about these planes were they…

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