Fear: One Of The Basic Human Emotions

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What Is Fear?
Yusef Griffin
Buffalo State College


What Is Fear?
Fear is one of the basic human emotions. Throughout life, every living person and animal has experienced fear. There is no limit to the number of times one may experience fear, but a person’s lifestyle is a major contributor. For example, a Marine Corps infantryman will experience fear more often than an accountant. Fear has powerful effects on a person’s behavior , physiology, and physical actions. Most of the time, fear arises when we experience something that threatens our life. There are two different kinds if fear; innate fear and learned fear. Innate fear is caused by naturally threatening stimuli such as standing on the edge
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The main reason is because when a person becomes fearful their entire aura changes. They start sweating, shaking, and may do things that they would not normally do. Everyone has experienced fear at some point in their life and this is a helpful in the study of fear. It is helpful because everyone knows what fear feels like and can relate to one another. Understanding fear, how it is developed, and how to cure or reduce it can help society drastically. A better understanding of fear will give us a better understanding of the human mind and can lead onto other explorations and …show more content…
One disorder that is common, especially among veterans, is post-traumatic stress disorder, also known as PTSD. This disorder is caused by experiencing a traumatic event or being put under extreme and constant stress and fear of losing one’s life. This disorder is not very understood and is usually over diagnosed. After a person is diagnosed they are treated to try to rid them of the disorder. This is usually a complex and time consuming process. Most of the time patients are given extra medicine, which they do not need. Many people with the disorder refuse to get treatment because they feel it would not help them. This is significant because it shows that people do not trust the doctors or psychiatrists who treat the disorder. A better understanding of the disorder will lead to better treatment of the disorder. This will also encourage more people to seek treatment because they know it actually works. This is not just limited to those with PTSD, understanding fear can help us understand all the other disorders that are caused by

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