Fear In House Taken Over By Julio Cortazar

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Have you ever experienced the powerful attraction of fear? Have you ever wonder why your imagination run wild when you experience something terrifying? Sometimes people react differently to fear as they normally would. Fear is a compelling phenomenon that drives people to react different or even against their own will when they are stimulated by fear. Imagination overcomes reason when the need for something to be true overwhelms the logic of an individual. A personal experience of fear that I have been through was on a spooky Halloween night. It was a cold and rainy October day when I arrived at my friend’s house for an annual Halloween party. Every year I was hesitant to go because I get scared every single time I go. I even tried to get out of it by faking sick but somehow, after persuasive talks by my friends and the weird allure of fear, I still managed to go every year. The house was decorated with creepy Halloween decors and the worst part was the homemade haunted house that left me in tears every time I walk through it. The fear had given me …show more content…
In the Story “House Taken Over” by Julio Cortazar, the characters demonstrated their odd fear for the unknown by shutting off sections in their house. Two strange siblings, who were middle-aged, lives together quietly in their big house. They were quite unusual as they stayed in their house all day doing the hobbies they enjoy. The sister enjoys knitting while her brother cleans. One night when the brother wakes up, he hears a noise stirring in a section of the house. He then calmly shuts off the entire section of the house, leaving all possessions behind. The exact same went on for a couple nights. Ultimately, they had to move out of their house with their possessions all left behind. Fear of the unknown caused the sibling to move out of their house. Fear has taken control of the siblings’ imagination and forced them to move

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