Analysis: On Immunity: An Inoculation

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Fear is something that drives this world. It is a natural emotion that causes damage to the body and mind, affecting our decisions, communication, and productivity. Whether we want to accept it or not, fear has a purpose which is to help us during times of struggle. We take comfort in our fears and let it soothe us. Eula Biss in her essay, “On Immunity: An Inoculation” brings a great point on how people seem to base their paranoia off of other people’s fears, and lack of knowledge. Due to this, we have come to this one-sided mentality, and have started a war between right and wrong. And all because we are afraid of what can happen. Discussed in the essay is the nature of people and how they make decisions based on fears rather than facts. She …show more content…
We are so afraid of bacteria and germs that we are using a product that is ineffective. In her essay Biss goes into great detail on fear and how it drives us, and how the things that we fear are things that we believe are bad and can harm us. However, the main point that Biss seems to bring in her essay is, are the things that we believe are bad, really that bad? Biss’s essay is really trying to bring to light a flaw in the way that we perceive certain things such as vaccines. And she really shows us this by using her own essay as her vaccine. She writes the essay in a way that is confusing and hard to understand, because there is no way to tell if she is leaning for something or against it. My mind had a hard time processing because I am used to only the one sided argument. Biss’s writing is very effective in the sense that it is aimed for people who lack an open …show more content…
You have to allow for a gray space or else the argument is rendered useless because there is always something to be gained from both sides. Vaccines can protect, but also harm us;bikes are a great form of transportation but you can still get seriously hurt on them. We have to be more open minded, and start to break the norm of looking at something a specific way or in other words, from other people’s perspective. Biss tried her hardest to just tell the truth of why the human race perceive things a certain way. She did not take sides, but rather showed the arguments for both sides. “Serious side effects from vaccination are rare. But it is difficult to quantify exactly how rare” (Biss 47). One argument tells us that the side effects from vaccinations are rare. However she also shows us that we cannot tell exactly how rare they are and whether we should not or should avoid them altogether depending of the person’s level of fear. Biss displays the way that both sides formulated their argument, ultimately showing us the flaw is these

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