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  • Argumentative Essay On Immigration Analysis

    I always thought it is a tough to live as an immigrant in the United States today. Presidential candidates, such as Donald Trump, do not make it any easier. Ever since 9/11 and the 2008 recession, there is an increasing hatred towards foreigners that do not look “American”. This is because “during times of economic contraction and uncertainty that anti-immigrant scapegoating, draconian immigration policies and hate crimes directed at new immigrants increase” (Gallagher). I always heard about the “immigration problems” in the news but never assumed much of it until high school. I grew up in a predominately immigrant community. My grandfather was an immigrant. He came to the United States during WWII under the Bracero Program. His “pull” to…

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  • Theme Of Women In The Big Sleep

    Women in The Big Sleep As I have mentioned before, this was true in the case of the rise of feminism. Before the turn of the century, “Women arrived, en masse, [to the Western frontier], and the ‘male-dominated homosocial world of gold rush California’ gave way to a ‘settled domestic Victorian discipline’” (Hoefer 49). That ‘Victorian discipline’ gave way in the 1920s to a deviant social norm, exemplified by Carmen and to a lesser extent Vivian. Right before Marlowe expresses how much he…

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  • Andrea Del Verocchio Research Paper

    Andrea del Verrocchio during the prime of his life was a painter, sculptor, and goldsmith. He was named Andrea di Michele Cione born in the early 1430 's to father Michele Cione and mother Gemma. His change of last name is not known, and it can not be placed to any person that took him as an apprentice for his work as painter and sculptor.1 His father was a “fornaciao,” which was attributed to people that worked with kilns, bricks and tiles. Consequently, it is believed that his father may have…

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  • Crimson Peak Film Review

    Crimson Peak by Guillermo Del Toro is a visually stunning and technical masterpiece. It has taken me a while to perceive it as that. As a viewer who has been exposed to the trailer before watching the movie, I left the theater disappointed and wanting more out of this horror movie. It wasn’t till plenty of research that I found that Crimson Peak is in fact not a horror movie. Correct, but is it any surprise that the director of Hellboy, Pan’s Labrynth, and the Devil’s Backbone, was able to…

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  • Leonardo Da Vinci Achievements

    Lost In The Forms, Forever In The Intelligence During the Renaissance period in life, a man by the name of Leonardo Da Vinci was doing many things that helped change the views of man. Leonardo was born out of wedlock between a respected notary and a peasant woman in 1452. During his child and teen years, Leonardo was under the care of a sculptor by the name of Andrea Del Verrocchio, who helped him kick off his art career. Like all people, Leonard had his fair share of thoughts and opinions, he…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Haiti

    Sighing deeply I locked my gaze on the sizable red dirt hill before me. A gust of dry heat hit me with a cloud of dust that burned my eyes, I cleared my throat with a small cough. Now my head fully fixated on the ground as I trekked up the hill. To trip on the rocky unbalanced road would not only be dangerous, but also thoroughly embarrassing if seen by my eighteen mission trip team members who followed behind me. This trip to Haiti was my third, I had walked this road many times before, but…

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  • Graphic Violence In Sicario

    Sicario, a thriller starring Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Toro, and Josh Brolin, opened in theaters nationwide this week to warm reviews, as well as controversy. Sicario finds Kate Macer (Blunt), a straight-laced F.B.I. agent thrown into a world of high-intensity, life-or-death scenarions, as she ahs been recruited into a cartel-busting task force led by Matt Graver (Brolin), and associate Alejandro (Del Toro), who are at the opposite end of the personality spectrum from Macer; they are unorthodox…

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  • Pearl Earrings Reflection

    We are to watch the movie, “A Girl with a Pearl Earrings”, by the director Peter Weber, that was filmed in 2003. The movie is based on Johannes Vermeer, the famous artist’s life and what is the story behind his painting of the girl with the pearl earrings. The movie is quit modest with the way it presented that period of time with the way they dressed to the way they spoke. It also focused of how art was important, precious and a luxury to attain. It addresses the tough life of people that…

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  • Leonardo Da Vinci Influence On Mona Lisa

    One of the most influential and well known people in the history of humanity was a man who combined invention, art, nature, and science together in a way that would revolutionize how life and creation were perceived by everyone. Leonardo Da Vinci was responsible for these contemporary contributions that changed art and science for ever. Hundreds of revolutions had occurred before his time, however the way he perceived the world allowed him to experience life in a very different way from every…

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  • King Tut Analysis

    The discovery of King Tut's tomb, was the greatest archaeological find of the twentieth century, due to its relative completeness and lack of looting. In Carter gives a very detailed account of how the he and his team went about finding, preserving, and cataloging all of the wonderful treasures found in the tomb. He begins with describing the initial process of preserving any fragile pieces first, and then photographing everything for later reference. Carter then goes on to describe how they…

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